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PUTIN allows American Troops in Russia: Warmongers Embarrassed



Putin just came out and slammed the door shut on the Central Bankers
and the WAR MONGERS that were drumming up WAR with Russia via Ukraine.

This is so good I really have to give Vlad some props.

Putin said he would allow American troops in Novorussia to help fight ISIS.

So where is Novorussia? It seems it has been here a long time. These different factions have been living together forever. Just think about it like this, its like the North and the South here in the states, don’t call a southern boy a yankee, those are fighting words… So now you know some history between these two areas. The number 1 thing that Kiev (government capital) fights about is what language to speak. The eastern half wants to speak Russian, while the western half (Central Bankers control) want to speak Ukrainian. Why did Ukraine give 14 billion dollars worth of it’s gold to the USA – for protection or to be in line with the Central Bankers. Why is it that when Ukraine said they are under attack from Russia they have NO PROOF? Seriously we have satellites that can read the ingredients on a candy wrapper in color, yet all the pics we see on the news are some grainy ass black and white pics from 1972 – WTF is that?



This really will freak out the Central Bankers and their planners on this little trick. Now if America refuses to aid Russia in fighting ISIS then what the fuck, all the media has been doing for weeks now is talking shit about ISIS and we need WAR.

So now we must partner with Russia or look like FOOLS. That would expose the Central Bankers how they have funded ISIS creating a CrISIS in the Levant and Middle East with the help of the CIA, just like the Mexican Cartels in Central America – sound familiar?

So where is the Levant? It a land bridge between Egypt and Turkey. 

The Levant

The Levant

This takes a lot of heat of Russia and their battle with Ukraine, that little war is a front for the CIA who have bought off the Ukraine government and then refused to pay Russia for the gas they used – it’s only a 16 billion. So now you know why Putin is pissed off at Ukraine – they stole from Russia.

What I really like is how all the stupid ass pundits from all over the spectrum have been calling for Putin head and we must go to WAR.

Warmongers Unite Hello Fox News

Warmongers Unite Hello Fox News MSNBC CNN

Now that he called out the Central Bankers they might think about collecting it – why do you thing they are calling for WAR!!! In fact Putin brings all his own meals when out of town just so nobody can poison him. If you listen to his speech he just gave at this huge ass conference, he sounded like a conservative/libertarian than a Communist Dictator like Obamas gloom and doom.

Putin is sounding like a leader when he expresses “Global Economic Development”… What do we have “Crony Capitalism” (New World Order) and our leaders sound more like a Communist shutting down business while voting for a Police State. 

Remember 272 congress people voted for the 1033 program to give cops military equipment.

In actuality this plays right into the NWO future plans, after all Russia will have total control in matters of the NWO. So guess you should learn ruskie or hope Putin and his minions allow states rights.

Hopefully Putin has “EVOLVED” into not taking the bait the leaders have contrived decades ago to create a “New World Order” and moved into a new era of business and development, like he stated. If Putin has moved forward into that mindset you can bet the Central Bankers are not going to let him stay in power – they will go to WAR with Russia and have him killed. This is the New World Order.

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