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What does #Ferguson, #TeaParty, #OWS, #PoliceState and Rush Limbaugh have in common?



It seems all these parties have the same problem, an overreaching government,
plus the fear of a #PoliceState!

Did rioting happen in Ferguson, sure did why is that? The black guy who was shot is now being reported a robber minutes before the fatal shooting. We shall wait for the facts to emerge. But afterwards (days) followed and rioting and looting begin, then the cops came out in full force. They had all this new gear DHS has been begging them to take – so they did. Now they have a reason to go out on maneuvers in full tact gear in the name of protecting the citizens they actually beat down. So let’s say the boy stole the cigars so he could go roll up a blunt – we get that. Now why was he stealing? Maybe he and everyone around him is broke as shit.

We need to learn a thing about the underlying problem here – poverty. It’s coming to a town near you. The irony here is the blacks have been voting Democrat in 90% plus range and what has the war on poverty proved over the last 50 years, that government intervention does not work? That war was lost along time ago to government corruption. How does the trick down effects feel to poor people?



The Tea Party was targeted with some of them being audited by the IRS, other were denied a right to have a 501.C4 to start a political movement to reduce the size of government, repeal tax laws, and force the establishment to comply with the Constitution. What did they do file a lawsuit, well that will cost some big bucks and take forever. But they revolted in mass numbers WHILE being mocked by the MSM for defending their rights as sovereign citizens. Bad citizen don’t question big brother, you may get a red dot on your chest.

Occupy Wall Street was born from the street, and when the really ‘poor’ people shown up they disgusted the masses by just what homelessness looks like on your street corner, up close and personal. The main goal was to stop the government from stealing money from the people giving it to corporations, big banks, crony capitalism and government corruption. Does any of this all tie together?

Rush Limbaugh said today how the new cop in #Ferguson (a black highway patrolman) was setting the tone and calming things down, that’s good, so how long will that last? Rush referred to a story how he was taught to fear the cops, and do whatever they said no questions asked. He said how he was scared to ride his bike in front of this one cops house. Is that how we should be taught to feel as children, he sure was. I can say as a white boy from Dallas Texas, we were taught to fear the cops growing up as well. Is that a good thing? I don’t believe so now. The cops are sworn to protect and serve not harass and intimidate, that’s their oath not mine.

It has been reported many time that DHS is arming itself to the teeth, for what? Are they expecting Martial Law to break out any time soon? If you use some critical thinking that would seem logical. You get the feeling things are happening for a reason. Why did it take 5 days for the State Police to enter into the war zone? Who actually called for SWAT to be calling into action and deploy mass amounts of cops in full tact gear? Was this a drill practicing on to citizens so cops would be use to slamming reporters heads into glass, pointing guns and shooting people with rubber/wooden bullets?

You can bet one things is for sure, this was a drill and it was successful by all accounts. The paramilitary cops got to shoot their guns and display in real time what they are capable of. This should strike fear into all Americans that they will not hesitate to use deadly force on you in they FEEL THREATENED, and they all are carrying guns. SWAT is abdicated from prosecution since they are a corporation, so they don’t have to worry about the law, they are the law.

All that to say, rich people love the system, poor people hate it. AS that skew grows so will the tensions – skin color not applicable. Social unrest is enviable and now the government is predicting it – sound like a plan to you? As the economy fails people will resort to more unrest, cities are now passing CURFEWS so they can feel protected from gangs.

We are openly accepting small forms of Martial Law, all in the name of protection. NWO marches forward.

Look at it from this point of view. Putin was sending in the Red Cross while the US sent in SWAT to combat the problem. Ironically this illusion makes Communism look far superior than Capital Cronyism. The fall of America has been planned and we are all falling into the trap of division, look around. Bush Senior spoke of a New World Order and we all clapped like seals not knowing the ramifications of his words 30 years later. You can blame Obama but he is a puppet. We have been sold out years ago, just look at the map from 1942.

MAP of NWO in 1942

MAP of NWO in 1942

Ask yourself what do you like about this government, their is nothing to be proud of, they are all crooks and liars – the fish rots from the head. They have clearly violated this trust, oath of office and should be removed, fined and jailed upon returning to duty. These CONGRESSIONAL MILLIONAIRES, have stole the future of all mankind with banks to big to fail, corporations that are tax dodgers, crony capitalism, ruined the planet with pesticides and chemicals, violated their oath of office, and lied to the American people. 


Chesapeake Bay algae plooms

Chesapeake Bay algae blooms

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

Mississippi algae blooms

Gulf of Mexico algae blooms

Algae blooms Lake Erie

Algae blooms Lake Erie


Radioactive plume

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