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America welcomes #PoliceState with open arms: NWO Marches Forward



We all know about the #Police State building up military arms within the borders of the US, all in the name of protection. Who are they really protecting? Why has DHS bought 1.5 Million Patriot Poppers 9mm serrated points from China?

The flash mob rioting and looting is bad, so lets look at the root cause. Shooting an unarmed 18 yr old black boy many times after a scuffle has it’s questions. Yet there are reports this town has been in turmoil and protests have been going on for months – with no positive outcome. Now people are protesting in the streets and the cops are beating them back – a straight up violation of their rights as citizens! The crime in #Ferguson  is very high, why is that? Poverty? When people finally had enough they revolt, look at the Tea Party.

It seems that nothing gets the MSM involved like lawlessness – protest only go so far.

SWAT is now called in, these guys are paramilitary and have a total disregard for sovereign citizens. SWAT is now a corporation that is above oversight from any public or privet organization and not subject to laws by abdication. So they have nobody reviewing their deployments into a civil society with  regard to protection or loss of life, or any discerning if the deployments were warranted or product/counterproductive. The stats I have seen conclude they have been far more counterproductive than warranted.  The cops are getting use to shooting Americans, this is a training mission to them.

So how does this all play out? It’s simple more division. Now you have the half’s turning on the have not’s. The rich think the system is great and the poor hate it – skin color not applicable. Now there are reports that another town VOTED IN A CURFEW to protect it’s citizens from gangs somewhere up north. This is mission creep towards Martial Law. Getting people to readily accept curfews as a way of life. We have a system breakdown turning Americans on each other and poverty is the primary driver. EXPECT TO SEE MORE AS THE ECONOMY TANKS.

Putin is sending in the Red Cross to help the poor and the US is sending in SWAT to combat the problem – is there any disconnect here. Now you have the illusion that Communism looks far better than Crony Capitalism.

Don’t blame #Obama for this… we all cheered when #Bush senior said he was calling for a “New World Order” back in one of his speeches – and we all cheered and clapped like seals. Little did we know what happened during all this time he was ruling the world as head of the CIA. Remember the CIA put Soddam in charge, he got out of line and invaded Kawait and wahla Operation Desert Storm. War is good for the economy remember, that’s we were told in a laughing manner. Bush help Monsanto get it’s start back in the gap, this company is so evil you have to google it for your self.

Bush Jr. went back and got his ass and were building up Iraq’s armament putting in a new puppet government and that new government is run over by who – Saddams own people – and they start killing Christians, all in the name of Alla. Alkiada is now ISIS/ISIL and they are still funded by the CIA – all in the name of a covert op called ‘destabilization of the Middle East. Just like we have been doing in Central America for 60 years funding both sides of the WARS with guns and buying the cocaine in the name of prevention – can you say Iran/Contra?

Yea all that started with Nixon when he started his WAR ON DRUGS campaign, but it was exposed during the Regan’s years, remember and his poster child, Oliver North? America was making billions off guns and drugs while destroying millions of lives and countries to control the masses and buying off the politicians.

Why do you think the borders are wide open? It’s payback to Central America for US government mishaps. Plus this also helps to destabilize the US with millions of immigrants – nothing is a accident when it comes to politics… trust me on that one.

MAP of NWO in 1942

MAP of NWO in 1942

This is all in part of a huge plot to undermine Americans and bring down the nation into a New World Order, and you can’t do it willingly, you have to get the people to beg for it. When they need food and water just to survive then they will plead for big government aka.Martial Law, so they can be escorted into the FEMA CAMPS willingly to be coddled by the government teat.

So you can cheer all you want for the police to save us, when in reality, we have been sold out a long time ago. When the 99% get tired of being controlled by the 1% things will change, then your talking world war repercussions – they (Bankers, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Uber Rich) will not go down without a fight to the death. They are counting on you dieing, not them, by the way. Remember the Golden Rule – he who has the gold makes the rules.

Here are your Congress people who VOTED FOR THE POLICE STATE.

the bolded names are Members who Blue America has vetted and endorsed:

John Barrow (Blue Dog-GA)
Earl Blumenauer (OR)
Bruce Braley (IA)
Tony Cárdenas (CA)
Matt Cartwright (PA)
Kathy Castor (FL)
Judy Chu (CA)
John Conyers (MI)
Donna Edwards (MD)
Keith Ellison (MN)
Alan Grayson (FL)
Raul Grijalva (AZ)
Rush Holt (NJ)
Mike Honda (CA)
Hank Johnson (GA)
Barbara Lee (CA)
John Lewis (GA)
Dan Maffei (NY)
Jim Matheson (Blue Dog-UT)
Doris Matsui (CA)
Jim McDermott (WA)
Jim McGovern (CA)
Jerry McNerney (CA)
George Miller (CA)
Jerry Nadler (NY)
Gloria Negrete McLeod (CA)
Beto O’Rourke (TX)
 Frank Pallone (NJ)
Ed Perlmutter(CO)
Mark Pocan (WI)
Loretta Sanchez (Blue Dog-CA)
John Sarbanes (MD)
Jan Schakowsky (IL)
Bobby Scott (VA)
Jose Serrano (NY)
Louise Slaughter (NY)
Adam Smith (WA)
Jackie Speier (CA)
Mark Takano (CA)
John Tierney (MA)
Paul Tonko (NY)
Nydia Velázquez (NY)
Maxine Waters (CA)



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  1. August 15, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    By the way, if anyone refutes your findings, during the Reagan Administration of the 1980’s, there were an average of 5,000 reported SWAT raids employed in the US for crimes of an extreme nature. By the Clinton Administration of the 90’s, there were over 80,000 for various crimes, including those where there was no harm or damage inflicted upon any person or property. Those numbers are annual averages. The SWAT raids increased by 1,600% domestically in only one decade, and over the course of only two presidential administrations.

    • August 17, 2014 at 1:19 pm

      Thanks for the comments they are very welcoming coming from you. I read your post and it was awesome. I would like to chat sometime and I think you have my email so you can write when you have time. I am thinking about doing something to get national attention, like standing ontop a billboard waiving a flag or something to show people we are in a war that is not going to have any good outcomes unless we the people MAKE IT HAPPEN in our favor, for our kids sake not mine.

      • August 28, 2014 at 8:35 pm

        thanks hope you signup for emails

  2. August 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Great article, Scott! I just posted this today on the same subject: Administering of Martial Law: The Subversion of the Balance of Power http://americathebattlefield.blogspot.com/2014/08/administering-of-martial-law-subversion-of-the-balance-of-power.html

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