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100% of US Growth since 2000 went to Immigrants


When I read this headline it all became clear this has been planned for a long time. The dems blame the GOP and vise versa – but they are all in on it. People say if Bush was in there this would be fixed, well he was and what happened? The border was never fixed.

Now Obummer has checked out of office and detached from the crisis brewing, but when you lead from behind you have to wait to read about what’s going on in the paper, or hear about it on the news. That is what he may want you to think but nothing in politics is a accident. After all the gov has been seeking RFQ for facilities to house homeless illegals since Jan 2014.

This was planned as well, flood the border and create a crisis, it worked, now the tax payers have to fund it and accept the dilution of American values.

I noticed a big influx of Mexicans back in 2000 here in Dallas Tx. It was like one day tons of these people were here, but it only got worse. In fact after they created a work place for them to hang out as ‘day labor’ in 2005, it became apparent nobody was going to do shit about it. I went to complain to the Garland Police and was treated as if I was a criminal reporting something frivolous as Illegal Immigrants.

So as more people graduate college and can’t find work, or the millions unable to get work, or the vets that have next to nothing, don’t worry.

The Illegals are getting better health care and assistance than you will get because we care about everyone – except our own.


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