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Bowe Bergdahl is a Plant into the Military to become a MARTYR


closet muslim

Does any of this seem confusing?  The Father speaks Talabinese on TV, and that’s not weird? Praises Alla and the Taliban?

All the soldiers that said he is a deserter were forced to sign NDA’s, forced not to talk about the 5 guys who died looking for this defector.

What do you think the end game is? Lets use some critical thinking….

What if we jail this creep like he deserves?

Can you say MARTYR….

This will fuel the fire that America will eat their own, and punish anyone who defends ALLA, fueling Muslim hatred for Americans, all while claiming a victory they have turned Americans on each other…

Ahh but wait here is the solution to keep that from becoming reality. If Bergdahl renounces America and claims the Muslim way of life then we give that to him. Pack his ass up on the next plane and ship him back over there. Then we make up a new deck of cards, put a bounty on his head like his brotheren, and kill his ass dead… displaying his picture all over the world. He isn’t American so it’s all good.

I am in the camp Obama is a closet Muslim, and if you disagree… prove it!!!

pls rt @Judgenap #Conservatarian: IT’S TIME FOR A NEW BREED OF AMERICANS http://wp.me/2wU8o


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