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My Live Debate with Ben Ferguson on WBAP about Edward Snowden

WBAPI had the pleasure of debating Ben Ferguson LIVE on @WBAP in Dallas Texas Thursday May 29th 2014 about Edward Snowden and WON.

I just got home from TEXAS GYM, turned on the computer and fired up the local talk radio. I like WBAP and listen each morning to get some news and get the day going. Ben Ferguson, who is the local dude from 9-11am has a big platform and talks about some issues that are relevant. Now Ben, is not my favorite person in the world only because of some of his ideas I don’t believe in, and BEN FERGUSON TALKS OVER HIS GUEST. Other than that he will pick on a few things I do agree with, but only because it will fall in line with true conservative values the GOP have.

I’m a #Conservatarian that has strict Conservative principles along with Libertarian values combined. So onto the debate.

Ben was accusing Snowden as being a traitor, I disagreed, I think he is a hero. So I called in to express my reasons.

The chick picked up the phone, asked my name, and the reason I called. I told her my name, she thought I said Sky, but corrected her, it’s Scott, (Thick Dallas Texas Accent) and told her I was from Dallas, also bornanraised, she laughed. I said that Ben was wrong about Snowden, and I can prove it, she said you next, hang on right after commercial break.

Ben’s back live now and starts with some media propaganda about how wishy-washy Snowden is and how he stole all this stuff and damaged America blabla bla.

I got on the phone and the first thing I said was “I will keep this pithy since I know you like to talk over your guest”. Well that set off a little diatribe about talk-show-phone-call-educate, which I really didn’t care about, since that’s not what this call is about. Plus I reaffirmed it by adding “I listen to you show”.

The next thing I asked Ben, was HE in the Military, he said “NO but I do have an opinion“, and I said “that’s cool, I was in the Military”, and once you’re in you take an ‘OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION’, (not to any Politician, Political Party or government agency, I didn’t get to mention that part I was getting really fired up).

And, since FOX NEWS Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano @Judgenap defense in Snowden’s behalf was so compelling , articulate, and cogent that nobody can refute the Constitutionallity of his case. Then I went on to say let’s say that Snowden went on to report this to his Commander, as he was trained to do, what do you think would happen? Look at what happened to anyone who has spoken out against this regime, he would have been demoted, excoriated, humiliated, or worse. I forgot to add DEAD LIKE IN BENGHAZI.

Ben went on a little tangent and said “Snowden was not in the military”, “I SAID YES HE WAS GO LOOK IT UP”. Funny I had to repeat it several times to get thought to him he was wrong. Had I been able to prep for 10 minutes before the call I would have told Ben he was ex-Army Intel, before he landed the high security job, but I just told Ben to go look it up he was in the military. BUSTED…

Then Ben went on to say that “Snowden stole all these doc’s and sold them to the Russians”.

Oh man I came unglued and said “So you have definitive evidence that Snowden sold the docs to a specific person, and made an exact dollar amount”!

Ben said “NO, but I’m not stupid”? Prove it, you just accused a man on live radio in the DFW metroplex with no evidence to support that claim? BUSTED AGAIN

That was when I was cut off and not allowed to talk again. So I hung up on him to prove how he talks over people with his dogmatic point of view that is unwilling to accept a compelling argument. It’s called talk radio Ben, not a soliloquy.

Good thing for Ben he cut me off because I was just about to pick him apart.

It was funny listening to him trying to defend his position by saying stupid crap like Snowden didn’t have a uniform on when he stole the docs, or he has a high power Commy attorney; so what, if we had a defector don’t you think the US would give that person a ‘high powered attorney’?

I wanted to ask Ben if he believed in the lies about Benghazi. Of course Ben would have to say no and that was when I would have him dead to rights.

I would have said if you don’t believe in the lies on Benghazi how can you believe the same information coming out of this regime on Snowden?

You see that is the paradox Ben would not have been able to recover from. You can’t say you trust one source of the government on information and not anything else; therefore you have to believe that EVERYTHING THIS ADMINISTRATION TELLS YOU IS A LIE UNTIL PROVEN FALSE…

This is not news to people that are awake. 

Why do you have to sue the government to get information?

We pay these people, it’s their job to obey the wishes of the people, and time has proven they do not care about you or me.

Don’t believe me ask a VET.

Thank You Edward Snowden for exposing our rapacious government, freedom is not free when your afraid of your own government. #PoliceState

I was Republican, but lost interest since I feel they are just as complicit with the dems (by omission) letting certain things happen. I can site many cases if you wish to know more.

Now I can say I’m #Conservatarian and will be that for life. If you want to join all you have to do is believe in FREEDOM & LIBERTY.

If you’re not up for that move to Cuba and see how that works for ya., and please take all your libtard and RINO friends with you… call it an extended vacation.

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