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If you watch NBC or MSNBC your part of the problem: BOYCOTT MSNBC

NBC - Practicing journalistic malpractice and lying to the people, they will lose viewers and credibility when this election is over.

NBC – Perfecting journalistic malpractice near you!

MSNBC and NBC for that matter is so freaking biased, you have to be a hard left liberal to agree with what these freaks say. I mean they get these people, black/white, you pic the color, and they have someone crying how bad the WHITE MAN has beat them down or some soak the common person to save the poor welfare program, now covering for an administration that uses politics to new forms of Hypocrisy.

Liberals have come out of the closet swinging bigger government and less  freedom. If you oppose that then BOYCOTT MSNBS, and NBC as well. Send a message to these liberals they don’t own us, they own the stations and we don’t have to watch.

I refuse to watch MSNBC or NBC or any of the programming at all……

If anyone truly believes that liberal policies are working then they are profiting from this decline in the country. The GOP have lost me as well, these people have let the liberals do this, and for what, so they can look better than liberals? Well that tactic has fallen well short Mr. Speaker. This high road to freaking nowhere is killing America, besides their plan is not to tax me and you as much as the dems – well that sucks ass as well.

How about repealing laws not adding more you idiots.

FOX NEWS is the only source that will at least tell you the truth, but even they now skew their ideology to sway your thinking on certain things, like their constant attack on POT. In case they refuse to read their own polls 60% of America is ready to see pot legalized. So keep up the good fight and watch more people leave Bill OReilly.

It’s sad when the truly uncensored news comes from the net now. This proves the main (lame) stream media is controlled in a totalitarian dictatorship by a select few. They have the power to change a political election, cast aspersions in the court of public opinion, or shape the next generation with surreptitious programming unbeknown to you. It’s imperative that you use critical thinking when you hear any news coming from these stations, if you read between the lines you can almost predict the next move on what these liberals are going to do or say.

They KnewWhen you have Obama and Clinton lying about Benghazi knowing all along it was a terrorist attack, then lie to the families and Americans on TV, you can be sure they will not go away quietly. After all if they are willing to sweep four dead people under a rug what would they do to you?


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