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GDP Grew by .1% in First Quarter 2014: Still think this economy is booming?

TeddyIf you think the Obama policies are working, then you may want to re-educate yourself on the last 5 YEARS. You can only blame Bush for so long then you actually have to look at how Obama’s liberal HOPE & CHANGE redefined the world view of America and how steady the policy implementations created a positive environment for business, liberty, and prosperity.

5 yrs of Obama

So far the signature achievement from Obama is the ACA (Un-Affordable Care Act). The rest of his policies have been so weak even the limp despotic liberal media has questioned his manhood. We have seen red-lines crossed, racial tensions escalated not eased, welfare programs explode, government accountability sink to partisan politics for greed and power, IRS targeting conservatives, NSA spying on the world and it’s own people, DHS buying up all the ammo like some privet army (I thought we had an army already), BLM killing cattle to collect a tax, FBI refusing to investigate the IRS scandal, and now, new onerous EPA policies that subjugate energy companies into costly restrictions; not to mention a pipeline that has been held up for political reasons. The most damming thing has been lying to the American people about Benghazi that left four Americans dead and one dude in prison making a video (in America) that had nothing to do with the assault on a compound half a world away.

How does this even happen, I mean you can’t make this shit up.They KnewRemember when Hillary said who do you want to answer the phone at 3 AM? Well I do, and she proved she will let fellow Americans DIE, blame a mild concussion to delay hearing for months, send an underling out (Susan Rice) to confront Sunday talk shows while hiding under her desk, then  disdainfully telling Congress, and the American people “what difference does it make”.

It’s hard to blame Obama solely,  because Congress sat on it’s ass doing nothing but protecting their constituency. That means the Reps were in bed with the Dems and let all this happen. Why else would we get the dribble that we do or the lack of will to actually get something done; why does it take months/years to find out something we already knew. This lip service the GOP likes to hand out is not washing anymore. We live in a real time world and these jerks think we are not smart enough to know what this government is doing and/or not saying to us? I guess that maybe only the truly informed or critical thinker can ferret out the real story amongst all the crap in between their long winded pontifications?

We all know (or at least some of us do) the media is now protecting Obama and the liberal agenda for it’s own political purpose. So I can’t blame them they are bought off like judges and lawyers.

The rest of America has to wake up and refuse to not say something.

The last 4 letters in American or Republican  – I can
The last 4 letters in democrats is RATS

The economy sucks, most people are just living day to day, only low wage jobs have been created, while the high wage jobs left. People that have graduated college over the last 4 years have been crushed with no work and debt, housing starts and new permits are at a record low, brick and mortar stores closing at record rate, energy/food prices shooting through the roof, and health care this November will be even higher. Oh, and small business are going to find out when they kick everyone onto the exchange for insurance.

If you think the liberal policies are working then you should be very happy and profiting, if not your one sick asshole. I mean when your campaign had to reinstate GOD back into platform during the 2012 convention… really… what side of history are you on – better yet what side of GOD are you on???


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