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Fox News (O’Reilly) Loses Audiance for beating up on POT: “Conservatarian”

Legalize Pot Stupid

#Legalizeit Stupid

As much as I love Fox News, Bill, Sean and other for their devote straight forward opinion. I can agree with just about everything except when it comes to POT, and how the characterize people that use it – in what ever form they choose. I know plenty of business people, doctors, lawyers, even cops (retired), and other hard working people that take care of their families, and are not this flailing lump of crap of society, the media portray. Hell Rush Limbaugh, will admit his mother was taking medical marijuana (in pill form) for cancer to treat the pain since it was non-addictive compared to addictive prescription medications.

What’s funny is Tommy Chong was on FOX Business and said that Bill O’Reilly smoked weed with him.

Click on pic to read what I had seen on live TV.

Legalize Pot but take the government out of it

Legalize Pot but take the government out of it

Even the local talk show host (jerk) Ben Ferguson ,on WBAP, in Dallas beats up on POT – hell he’s not even from Texas, so he can shut the hell up. I am so tired of people that have a bully pulpit tell others what they should do/or not do. Because that it what they think. Sure they can provide stats, so can I, to show a benefit!

So my solution is to tune in on occasion and soon as I hear some diatribe about “POT” I turn the CD player on, and tune their dumbass out.

The narrow mindedness of these people only infuriate people that have a sound mind and body, that can make decisions for themselves, without consent of others, and do not need government intervention to tax or tell us what we should do and when we can do it.

As much as I love Fox News I have turned them OFF. I can get news on the net without hearing crap from people that I don’t agree with.

This is still a free market,  if FOX NEWS wants to lose more Conservative Christians people like me that is their choice Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity will be just fine, until they keep chipping away at a core audience and their numbers peak.

At least FOX will not lose me to MSLSD or any of the alphabet soup in the tank, liberal media lap dogs of the socialist government serfs. I still have a brain and critical thinking abilities.

Sorry FOX NEWS you have bashed on POT for to long and your losing the battle on all fronts.

Poll after poll show that people are in favor by 60% (or more) to legalize POT!

The only reason POT/HEMP is illegal in the first place is some business dude in Washington State, bought off congress back in the day so he could sell trees for paper and beat out the hemp business, then he could corner the market for his paper to the mills back east and everyone gets a kickback. So I ask you is that really a capitalist society, or just more cronyism that is plaguing this government today?

You do remember the Constitution of the United States of America is

written on HEMP PAPER!!!!!!

We have to start a new breed of thinkers



I support libertarian views and each person who reads this is a conservative.

How can I say that?

Each time you go to the store you conserve on what you buy, or else you would buy the whole store!

Can you do that and if you could would you?

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