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BLM Invades TEXAS to claim RED RIVER LAND: Harry Reid v. Putin

The Bureau of Land Management aka BLM (Harry Reids squad of goons out to seize land like they were Putin invading other countries) is pursuing to make a land grab in Texas that will piss a lot of my fellow Texans off.

We are in the beginning of time, when all land is being seized by a government,
what does that sound like to you?

fed land grab

Fox News had Hannity on and he played the clips of both the Governor and Attorney General saying they will not stand up and let this happen…

Border battle Byers Tx

Let the BLM come on down and start shooting ranchers cattle and they will have a war on their hands. Many people here in my home state hate this government and all the crap is stands for these days. I was born and raised in Dallas Texas, trust me, this will be the start of the revolution and
call for Texas to Succeed all over again.  

Want to hear something I just found out about? The BLM is Owner by City of London – Rothschild international bankers hq’d in a square-mile of London known as the “City of London”, and they are the Creditors of the municipal corporation codified at 28 USC 3002 15 A known as “United States” hq’d in DC. BLM is part of that entity.

Why has no one reported that BLM is owned by the city of London a foreign company not recognized under our constitution and has no jurisdiction. Look up water rights and the BLM permit wording that put 52 other ranchers out of business. Look up Clark County property records and see just how much property good ole Harry Reid owns…hmmm just a coincidence.

The feds want to mess with TEXAS they will get more than they bargained for, we all carry guns……

red river

Did you hear that DHS is now stock piling shot guns shells at a massive rate – why is that?

Still think the government is your friend and Agenda 21 is some conspiracy?

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