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Why is the Federal Government Turing on AMERICANS???

MY man

The federal government has turned on Americans and the proof is in the pudding. We have now crossed into an time where more people are working for the federal government than we have privet citizens in the work force…

What does this mean?

The power of the federal government has crossed into a territory where they want to control the rest of America by imposing restrictions/regulations/fines/fees/licensing or other documents that must be obtained before any person can transact any negotiations between other privet citizens. Why? If they don’t get in the middle of each persons life in daily events they can’t control you.  By imposing a tax the feds collect money and put into their coffers. So they can sit up on capital hill and make more laws to impede you life. Here is the sad part – we elected them. Now they refuse to give up POWER. All the tanks from Germany have been pulled from overseas and brought home… WHY? Now the Post Office is been reported making large ammunition purchases, DHS, HHS, BLM, and many federal agencies like Game Wardens and other local agencies buying paramilitary gear and going through extensive training.

Make no mistake the government will take what they want and
if your in the way your called a TERRORIST.

I'm not going to pass a budget OK

I’m not going to pass a budget OK

When you have a corrupt Senator like fucking dingy Harry Reid who call other Americans TERRORIST – we have a elected official by the people in his state he is calling terrorist. What has become of this nation. We have a pipeline that has been put off off years, crony capitalism run rampant, judges bought off like cheep whores, Senators and Congressman/women as corrupt as you can get and protected from the very laws they impose on others. They force me and you to buy insurance when they don’t have to buy shit. Now we are forced to the news they want you to hear and the main stream media is in lock step into brainwashing this nation into somnambulist serfs.

Don’t bitch America you voted for this shit and now look what you have done to your country.

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