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Federal Agents Prep-Attack Bundy Ranch: Facebook Blocks Activist Postings

Obamas Waco

If you think the federal government is going to let the Bundys off the hook your dead wrong. Slimy Harry Reid will make sure he gets his way, even if he has to slaughter his own neighbors who voted for his fucking sorry ass. All the people of Nevada should stand up and demand this slim ball be removed from office and tarred and feathered in public.

If you think the military is going to invade Nevada you wrong -they took an oath to the constitution and will not fire upon it’s own people, no matter what dictator we have in office. This nation is on the verge of civil war and if the feds invade as they have promised behind closed doors you will see an uprise from the meek that will send shivers down the politicians backs. When the feds have to look at their own family members and point a gun in their face what will they really do? Blood is thicker than water… BEWARE you assholes up in Washington, your fucking with you own people and we don’t forget or forgive………..

Letter from Bundy Ranch:

We were asked to spread the word. This was received from reliable people who were on site last week and in North Vegas last night.

—–Original Message—–


Below is a message I received from Sue DeLemus a bit earlier today. I wasn’t at home so I didn’t get to access it until now. It is critical that you read every word of this message and then react. It looks like the Feds are building up for a raid on the Bundy Ranch and we have four brave Americans in the group that is defending the ranch. Three of these men are prior Marines so I am asking all you Marines out there to get involved. The same goies for Army, Navy, Airforce and Coast Guard Vets. WE need Oathkeepers and III %ers, as well. In face, we need every able bodied person who can show up in Nevada, to do so ASAP. This includes regular Americans who would be willing to go and have their eyes and cameras on the Feds. We also need fully equipped Patriots to get there quickly. We can stop this tyranny if 4,000 – 5,000 people show up but you have to act quickly. This is an early Operation American Spring. If we can’t react to this event in large numbers then I can assure you that Operation American Spring will be in jeopardy. So, please spread the word to your entire list and get back to me if you have the ability to fly out there or would be willing to team up with others and drive. Time is of the essence.


Jack Kimball

Hi Everyone,

Apparently some people are having trouble viewing my Facebook page and one person suggested that Facebook may be trying to block my site. Is anyone familiar with this happening and what I can do about it? In the meantime I need you to post and share this update for me so people will know what’s going on

I’m talking with Jerry right now. (At about 10:30 EST) He said that a Law Enforcement Officer told him last night that Federal agents are being moved into Las Vegas. The Officer claimed that there were about 140 agents in the city. Recon sent in by Jerry found that there are more agents than can be counted! The hotels are being filled with Federal Agents, Rangers and FBI arriving in unmarked vehicles. Most of the vehicles are white, some are black. They are being parked in secure areas and are under lock and key and some are in back parking as well. So no one can nosing around. Never mind those who may be flying in. They’re obviously building up for something. Three guesses what they could be up to. More Patriots are needed out there. Rotation is indeed in place. The Patriots who are there need all the help they can get in every way possible. It’s still very serious out there. Las Vegas is 80 miles away from the Bundy property. So maybe an hour a half away. NOT FAR!! If you’re planning to answer to the call, gear up and bring food. They’re running a little low right now and Pray, Pray, Pray. Please share this one like mad!!!

Yours Truly,
Sue D.

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