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Can you afford Obamacare – Chart shows rates on age and household income!

Do you know what Obamacare is going to cost you?

You can keep your doctor

You can keep your doctor

Here is a quick guide to let you know a general price for the different policies from an Annual Plan – ACA Obamacare plan. Of course this is not set in stone, you may qualify for a subsidy or not. It all depends on your income/amount of people in the household.

I am a licensed Health Care Insurance Agent based in Texas; we service all aspects of the new Health Care (ACA) Law, plus plans that are not in the exchange. If you are interested in getting insurance please review the chart below to see where you fall into the new guidelines. It doesn’t matter if you have/had any per-existing conditions for the ACA Plan, we can get you covered. Our plans outside of the exchange run about half the cost of the Obamacare plans just to give you some idea of cost.

30 $130-$296 $249-$593 $303-$760 $358-$926 $413-$1100
35 $140-$320 $275-$640 $329-$805 $384-$972 $439-$1140
40 $180-$335 $335-$669 $390-$835 $444-$1001 $499-$1170
45 $224-$378 $410-$756 $465-$922 $520-$1090 $575-$1260
50 $291-$468 $523-$935 $577-$1101 $632-$1267 $687-$1435
55 $395-$584 $671-$1167 $726-$1333 $781-$1500 $836-$1665


Your price will depend on the benefits package you choose, that will consist of the amount of the deductible, monthly payments (premiums), how many doctors visits you would like to have in a year.

Note: If you decide to accept the subsidy from Obamacare, BE AWARE THAT YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR INCOME TAX CHECK, until you get off the plan due to income increase, or over 65, whichever comes first.

These are the main things that people are concerned with, if you have any questions feel free to email or call me. We are licensed in 48 states so we can accommodate your needs around the country.

Scott Richardson


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