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How’s that Obama Bumper Sticker Working out for you Libtards Now?

Nothing is FREE

Nothing is FREE

Anyone who voted for Obama and lost their insurance, you get what you voted for. As for the rest of the people that had nothing to lose by voting for Obama, you have now inherited a government that will provide all your needs – if it deems necessary.

I was driving down George Bush tollway here in Dallas, and this jackass pulls up beside me making weird expressions, albeit hard to really see through the tinted windows. My Honda Civic has plenty of reading material on the back glass to show my disdain for the policies of this President, who has invoked all these laws upon us. So this must have sent this dipshit off, as he passed with his Obama 2012 Sticker displayed for all to scoff at.

So I pass this dickweed to see what type of person it is and he is freely giving me the finger, so I slow down to further antagonize the situation and give that dude a solid gesture of “jacking off’ and then to make sure he knew how I felt I hung the rock (finger) upside down and then flipped it over to turn it up – so he could hear it.

Traffic dictated the flow of conversation between me and this other white dude, so that was the extent of the exchange. To sum it up this dumbass had a complex about me displaying my rights and wanted to make a scene, so I happily gave him one that he will not forget for a few days.

Now don’t get me wrong I hate the GOP and what it has become as well, the only thing worse than a republican is a democrat, and both need to be tossed out on their ass. In fact anyone older than 65 should be forced to retire and anyone that has served longer than 12 years in the Senate needs to go as well as the House of  Rep.

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