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Edward Snowden’s newest interview (blocked from US and YOUTUBE)

The video last about 30 minutes, while the questions revel little information, a few new programs revealed amount to all the major World Leaders share their intelligence with the NSA, in covert codified, cabals. Gathering all the info on every cell phone, text, email, router(s), and server(s) from every business and privet citizen….

Likewise the NSA will share DATA it feels is relevant to the “National Interest” NOT “National Security” according to them, not with other Nations or Americans.

The biggest takeaway is Snowden didn’t revel “secretes” with other governments (Russia/China), he gave them all to the press to figure out what was in the best interest of the people. JAMES CLAPPER HEAD OF THE NSA LIED TO THE PEOPLE WHEN HE SAID “NO'” THE NSA DOES NOT SPY ON AMERICANS. What will happen to him? Ride off into the sunset with his pension and benefits that you and I have to pay for, where is the justice? Do you want to pay Clapper and Lois Lerner, their pension “not wittingly”. These people work for us, THEY MUST ANSWER TO THE PEOPLE….

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  1. May 15, 2017 at 12:07 am

    Sí que tiene pinta de estar de miedo. De esos dulces que tomas un trocito y no puedes resistirte a un segundo trozo, un te0ocre&#823r; malo para la dieta, bueno para el alma!Besos

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