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Why are Muslims EXEMPT from Obamacare and the fines?


I read this today and was shocked that Muslims and Non-Americans are not required to purchase Obamacare, nor will they have to pay any fines for the simple reason it will VIOLATE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS….

Yet we have the DOJ bringing a case against the Little Sisters of Poverty because they will not sign a paper based on their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Now the FBI has dropped all charges pertaining to the IRS investigation but who told them to do that? The DOJ is in charge of the FBI, so now we know who put them up to this crap. Can you say Eric Holder?

I never knew that Obama took his oath to the Constitution on the Koran (not the Holy Bible) when accepting the presidency. Does that shock you?

You can read more about this here from Josey Whales:


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