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How shallow is America when the President can LIE and people don’t care


America has become a nation of uninformed serfs that traps around the day clueless about what happens to the country we use to know. Ideologues in public office can do the most egregious acts against it’s own citizens that people now have to fear their own government and media. Congress has been corrupted by money and drunk with power to the point the effects have trickled down to the local level in a surreptitious way so that the sheepeld haven’t even noticed.

What is worse is that the 50% (or more) really don’t care. Even when you have Obama knowing that within 15 minutes of the attack on Benghazi it was proven a terrorist attack, told to Obama by SecDef and JCOS at the same time. What did Obama do? He went to bed, got up the next morning so he could fly to Vegas for a fund raiser before the election. Still think the election was not rigged?

Hillary Clinton told the world who do you want to answer the phone late at night when America is under attack. Well she ran the State Dept and her office knew within 15 minutes of the attack, but, nobody answered the phone call, and Clinton’s response “what difference does it make”?

The liberal media will spend all it’s time reporting about “bridgegate” and ZERO time on the president of America lied to the people to influence an election, but “what difference does it make”? We have shows like Party Down South on that show just how stupid we have become. I would be perfectly OK with a show like that if the “indefensibles” knew what the hell was going on, I just saying the majority of that voting block voted for Obama. Hows that working for ya?

I hate dems but the repubs are no better (in fact they are worse), they cave on the dems request to gain more government/power to keep the same cycle going. When you have Congress just cut military pensions 85000 over the course of a lifetime per person, while every member of Congress is a millionaire. You have to ask yourself this question. Who do you trust? (If you want to join the fight against this bill go here iaba.org)

We all know this country is becoming a police state, Congress is running amok with power/money, the President used his platform and office to influence an election, government bureaucrats running DHS/HHS/EPA inflicting ideology policy, Republicans (RINO’s) that cave on issue after issue out of fear from a liberal media, but “what difference does it make”?

That is why I am starting a new political group or sect…. Conservatarian (physical conservative + libertarian).

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