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DNC Leader Accidentally Indicts Obama Administration while bashing Chris Christie

Wasserman Shultz "I lied so what"

Wasserman Shultz “I lied so what”

DNC leader Debbie Whasserman-Shultz was on the Ed Show today to bash Chris Christie and dropped a bombshell that nobody seemed to pick up on.

She was asked if Christie knew anything about the bridge closing – which Christie claims he had no knowledge. Unfortunately for Christie, he senor staff was at the root of the problem when they chose to repudiate a local dem for not backing him for governor.

Debbie then stated in her experience when she had senior top level officials in her cabinet they never went rogue or did anything stupid, yet in the same breath she also stated that all top level officials only did things that were in line with the present administration, or what they perceived as acceptable, even garner praise or curry favor from the boss.

She stated it was the “culture” of Christie’s office that created the environment.

Does any of this sound familiar?

After all Obama’s administration directed the IRS to target certain Americans, or that HHS lied to the people that you could keep your insurance – knowing all along that millions of policies would be canceled. This “culture” of the Obama’s administration has targeted and lied to people during an election year and this doesn’t include Benghazi or Fast and Furious, where the senior staff knew all along what was going on, but Obama claims he knew nothing and had to read about it in the paper or hear about it on the news. It is fair to say that the “culture” of the Obama administration did all these things to please the boss even if it was deleterious to the nation or certain people.

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