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Another Spice that treats Cancer

You hear all the time about new drugs that “treat cancer” but where do these drugs come from? The short version is PLANTS…

Black Seeds

Black Seeds

All drugs are derivatives of plants, yet our scientist have made such modifications by altering the composition in elements to create “man-made” chemicals to augment the natural components so they can create a new drug and be able to patten them for profit. Now I’m not against profit heck we all want to make money. Yet by this chemical alteration on a mico-platform, these scientist have to include disclaimers for side effects that seem/are worse than the ailment.

The best thing you can do is eat natural foods in their basic form. Here is a great article about Nigella Sativa, or black seed, that I thought was important so I wanted to share the link.

Research Confirms Nigella Sativa Black Seed Is

Good For Almost Everything That Ails You!

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