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Texas Judge Blast DHS for aiding Illegal Child Smuggeling

Nothing is FREE

Nothing is FREE

Texas Judge Blast DHS for helping out the “coyotes” (cartel members who smuggle illegals from Mexico into America) that are now taking kids and smuggling them into America at an alarming rate. Now that word has spread like wildfire the US government will help connect illegal children with illegal parents, more people are expected to make the trek since the Obummer Administration will not just turn a blind eye, but will actually provide aid and deliver them to these illegal parents. This is the same as helping the drug trafficking cartel members deliver the cocaine to the dealers and users in the US, there is no difference.

As Obummer refuses to seal up the border so more illegals can cross in record number to claim amnesty, these illegals are sending word back to their families in Mexico, to ship there kids here soon as they get the cash to pay the coyotes the standard fee. The probem lies when they get the kids here into the states, then the coyotes will demand more money or sell the kids into sex slave camps for more money than what the parent would pay.

This president shows no moral compunction to stop illegal border crossing, believing that more Mexicans will provide more dems votes in the future. Many of my Mexican friends hate this president and are pissed Obummer would open the gates letting people cross by the boat load while they had to take years to complete the process.

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