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Obama Lied Freedom Died: Insurance = Government

You can keep your doctor

You can keep your doctor

If you think freedom has not died or been sold out to the highest bidder, then just look around and think about it.

Obama said insurance would be cheaper than regular insurance, yet insurance is directly related to government via “lawyers”. Health care was already expensive due to insurance the doctors paid, then the patient pays as well. So these insurance companies were double dipping on both parties and stalling to pay either claim.

Now you have all these bureaucrats and lawyers sitting up in Washington making up new rules (laws) to keep more money flowing to their cabal of insiders making millions. Lawyers suing insurance companies, insurance companies suing other companies, and who pays the final tab – the consumer – you and me by higher insurance rates. If you make a claim then your dropped on insurance therefore forcing you out of business or underground. So people got mad about being dropped so in came the lawyers to make new rules, but that didnt go far enough. The elitist wanted total control by forcing new (higher) rates to squeeze out more and more people from certain fields or industries. If you can’t pay the insurance to open a new store or fly a plane, then your SOL… Where’s the freedom?

Only a hand full of true conservatives lashed out against the biggest socialized movement in American history Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, yet they were bashed by everyone, even fellow GOP members. Now many dems are running from this law as it flounders 18 days in purgatory as the people laugh at the abysmal failure of the “roll-out”; only proving the fact that government is to big and unable to control 1/6 of the US economy. Now that we have discovered that 80%  or more (Oregon reported 100%) of all new enrollments were for medicare – the government subsidized program.

You can’t name one government program that is not riddled with fraud and waste – not one. That only proves this government is unwilling to trim it’s budget and stop wasting tax payers dollars. 82% of Americans think congress should be voted out and they should. These paid liars have mislead people putting their carers before the people.

All GOP members that stood against Cruz and Lee should be voted out…

Obama Lied and Freedom Died… We are witnessing the predawn evolution of Socialism, and the sad part is some people want this to happen. Liberals want to take your guns, control your life, tell you what to eat and when. This is not some bullshit joke… the dollar is rapidly losing value, jobs are being slashed, higher taxes are on the horizon, and other countries are defaulting all over the globe. As our nation dies from within, like a cancer strangling the economy with rules, fines, fees, taxes… and now INSURANCE..

Where is the “freedom” granted by our “Forefathers”. Didn’t they die from Natural Causes?

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