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Establishment GOP “SELL OUT” these “CAVE ARTIST” don’t represent me

Nothing is FREE

Nothing is FREE

Establishment GOP “SELL OUT” these “CAVE ARTIST” do not represent me, further, it just shows that the “established” GOP is the same as the libtards. Why is it they can never solve the big problems? What are they going to do – kick the can down the road. All a person has to remember is were broke and name  one government program thats efficient?

Now the GOP will give NOBAMA a clean bill to open the gov and raise the debt – yet that is not enough for this empirical leader, he wants all the sequester to go away too.

So why the hell not just give a clean check book to spend as much as they want, without regards to who will pay it. Never attempt to trim 17% from the gov budget or the sun will not shine again. Print just enough money so you don’t default while your in office – just let the next sucker figure out how to sell that pig.

All the while jobs are not easy to find, even harder to keep. Food is skyrocketing while content shrinks, plus you have to pay higher energy prices. The mainstream media has turned against the people, free reporting is only on the net. The police state has arrived, big banks on the verge of collapse with wall street – just one bit of bad news and it tanks. Then you have a President who brags it will happen!

The only people in the GOP who spoke out were excoriated, scoffed, repudiated, and dismissed, by their own party – yet these are the people who believe in America. Without these people who will prevail against an ever growing government?

This is further proof the established GOP is aligned with the left in a surreptitious cabal behind closed doors in a secrete confab.

The sellouts will be held accountable but not until the damage is done and they have left office with their pensions. That’s what all this is about, creating more government so they have a reason to take more of your money and rights. The serfs who blindly trudge through the day hasn’t a clue what these bureaucrats are doing behind closed doors with their future, and we elected this?



  1. October 15, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    Why can’t he quit campaigning and be president. He wanted the damn job. Illegals voted, the dead voted, people voted multiple times so this remarkable little man with big ears could be president. It’s time for him to quit being a community organizer and start acting like a president. A President doesn’t have temper tantrums and punish all American citizens when he doesn’t get his way. A President doesn’t push a national healthcare law on the American people who do not want it, that is too expensive , too invasive and reduces health care. A President doesn’t punish the very Military that protects this Great Country. A President doesn’t take earned benefits from the elderly and continue to give benefits to illegals that have broken our laws. A President doesn’t cause hardship to our Veterans and incur more expense to close memorials than it cost to keep them open. A President doesn’t arm the park service to keep people from their homes and businesses. A President doesn’t threaten to close Interstate Highways because he doesn’t like who is traveling upon them. A President doesn’t close commissaries and shopping on military bases to punish our military families. A President doesn’t refuse to pay for our fallen soldiers death benefits. A President doesn’t close our military cemeteries both in the United States and abroad. A President doesn’t leave an Ambassador and three more of our finest to die by torture while he watched and then partied. A President doesn’t work against the Citizens of this Great Country he works for them and with them to make this Nation a land for all to be proud of and have the opportunity to be whatever they can achieve. This is not a President! This is a community organizer that is still on the campaign trail !!

  1. October 26, 2013 at 2:09 pm
  2. October 23, 2013 at 1:26 pm

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