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Mealy Mouth Republican RINOS are no better than Liberals

dept of obamacareMealy mouth republicans that always have to pander to the “so-called sensitive liberals” make me puke. These RINOS are no better than libtards for one simple reason, they want to compromise with them. There is no negotiating with your beliefs, GOD, GUNS, and FREEDOM is the very founding of this country.

We red-blooded Americans, that believe in a higher standard in life, limited government, and low taxes are driving the GOP apart; it’s about time to shed the establishment right wing that encourage haggling, or pander with the left wing loons; even worse, kowtowing to the “state controlled” mainstream media.

Moving into a Libertarian point of view with strict physical conservative principals need to be inculcated into these somnambulist serfs roaming the vast nation. Is there any reason they have so many ZOMBIE movies and crap on TV? People are glued to their phones etc.. as they walk down the street, in a ambulatory coma, waking up long enough to gimps at the world before diving back into a digital world.

We need this #shutdown in the government to expose the lies, fraud, corruption and vast waist that occurs daily.

Let Obama keep saying “NO” acting like an ass, it shows just how Obama will cut the government, throwing all the people he considers as “collateral damage” under the bus.

This just further cuts the government, I LOVE IT, JUST KEEP ON CUTTING JOBS AND CHECKS… When confronted with any liberal and they espouse their agenda, or way of life, just say your wrong and I don’t have to agree with you; hell I tell liberals they are not AMERICAN.. Name one government agency that has run efficiently… just one? Government is not the answer.

As more people start crying they are not getting paid they will find out whats really going on – were broke. When they turn on Obama game over… Mr. “O”.

Rumors are that Obama has been working on a plan to combat the chaos just in case. The latest “litmus” test for all high ranking military forces allowed to keep their job only if the answered “yes” to firing on American people. Why would so many agencies be buying vast rounds of ammo, especially hollow points? We still have plenty of time for a revolution before his term is up. I would even venture to say he would prefer being ousted from office before leaving quietly in the shadow of a dingy past. Then he can be vindicated by the radicals America will always be racist.



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  1. Jim
    October 15, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Rhinos are the worst, at least liberal scum sucking pieces of shit, show their true colors to your face, but rhinos like Colin Powell,and John Boehner,are deceitful little bastards, they try to act like Republicans, but anybody with half a brain, can see that they are nothing more than president golfers lapdog.

    • October 16, 2014 at 1:52 am

      I have come to the opinion that all GOP and DEMS are the same… Government IS the problem. I live in Dallas, as you can see there is not one gov program that is trustworthy, efficient, effective, or productive. Therefore they should all be imprisoned for theft and deceiving the people that elected them. Check out my vids and share them. I am really blasted these bastards..

      • Jim maddox
        October 16, 2014 at 3:57 am

        I was just using those two idiots as examples, but I totally agree with you, whether it be Democrats or Republicans, they’re all bought and paid for, by the corporations, and the special interest groups,I am going to subscribe, to your website.I like your no holds barred approach.Anymore I’m not sure what will work, a third-party candidate, revolution, maybe you have some ideas, as how to get things back on track.

      • October 16, 2014 at 4:37 pm

        You know I have been studying several types of societies and it’s apparent that ANARCHY is the best way. It sounds confusing but even Judge Andrew Nap. has suggested he is for that as well. In order to achieve that Revolution would have to ensue, since the elites will not give up power with out a fight. Ultimately anarchy would ensue but with that it relies on NO Government, people would have to rely on each other – that is a good thing. The only intact form of any sovereign nation would be a military to protect from foreign or domestic invaders. Privet cops would protect people, their would be much fewer cops, but they would be paid much better. In other words they don’t have to harass people for a fucking broken license plate light in the form of a ticket to raise money for a corrupt legal system. Imagine a world where people don’t have to pay the government a fine, fee, permit, for a transaction between me and you. Where we keep our money, not forced to send it to corrupt bureaucrats from city, state, to federal levels. Where if you want to smoke a joint, or grow weed it’s not against the law. If you want to drive drunk and crash and die that’s all you buddy, but if you kill someone you will be punished by the family you inflicted pain on. That leaves judgement up to the family/person effected by the situation, and degree of the offense. Not some judge or jury who have no ties, relations, or consequences of their actions. The obvious omissions of the incompetency of gov response to Ebola, ISIS or any gov agency is a fucking farce at best, and total fucking nightmare at worse. Neither is positive.

        Thanks for the positive comments, sometimes it’s like I am talking to the wind. I know I am not alone so please share this site and my youtube site – SNAFUradio – and subscribe to my channel.

      • Jim maddox
        October 16, 2014 at 5:14 pm

        You are not alone, I am sure there are many people, who visit your website, but I have noticed personally, from visiting many different websites, whether they be republican libertarian and or patriot websites, they get very few comments.I don’t know if this is because, they are afraid to comment, or they have nothing to say, sometimes I feel that it’s just me and the person writing the post, I have visited liberal websites, and for some reason, there is a lot of commenting on those websites.George Carlin said it best, your handlers own you, it doesn’t really make much difference, what their affiliation is,Everybody is getting so hyped up, about next month elections , like things are going to really change, like that who song says, old boss same as the new boss.

      • October 16, 2014 at 6:05 pm

        Well since it was reported that ALEXAS was fixing the numbers on alternative websites saying the ratings were down big, while MSLSD internet ratings were spiking higher. The collusion among big business is staggering, there is nothing these people will not do to stop people from connecting and rising up to stop this tyrannical gov and corps from ruling the world. Hell let some Ebola lose in Dallas to punish Texans for standing up against this system.

        Like I said pass this around and ask people to sign up on the youtube channel. The more people make a stand the more people will have to pay attention.

        Thanks in advance… Your a Patriot my man…

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