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Obamas takeover and YOU voted for it

obama toung tiedObama punishes normal folks by banning parks, lakes, now the sea. By spending more money than normal to enforce these rules. Obama even spoke about the stock market diving, blaming it all on the republicans. What a common dictator, yet this is his plan. To break down every aspect of this country into smaller pieces. Government control of certain places, break the markets, devalue the dollar, keep unemployment high, gas/energy artificially high, and racial tensions are at an all time high.

As more people see what the “federal” government is all all about, states are rising up demanding they run their own parks, thumbing their nose at the administration. Civil unrest is high, people are pissed off, not to mention scared of what is to come. Weak kneed GOP members are turning into a RINO party and the strong conservatives are ruling the party.

The #shutdown is perfect to expose all the programs that are out of control.

Liberals should be running scared, this is all their precious programs that are getting hacked out of the budget. Federal Unions should shutter to think is the  debt is not raised so that new IRS agents are not able to get hired. Just think you VOTED FOR IT…

The #shutdown is the best thing that can happen..

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