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Liberals “stunned” over Arizona “PASSING ON THE GRAVY”

Great Society devotees, and transplanted California liberals woke up this morning, poured themselves a cup of coffee, opened the morning paper…and promptly had a heart attack!
Keep your slums we will pay our own way

Keep your slums we will pay our own way

This morning’s Arizona Republic is reporting that the Phoenix suburban community of Gilbert, Arizona is getting ready to tell the feds that they no longer want $800,000 dollars in annual federal block grants.

Not surprising, Gilbert will be the only municipality to ever refuse the federal “gravy”.  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with federal block grants, let me explain it this way; for every dollar the feds assess us in taxes, they generously flip a penny or two of that money back to the cities and states…but only if you use it the way they tell you to use it.
The overlords in Washington have been sending Gilbert $800,000 a year to be used for services for the poor and for building low cost housing.
And Gilbert has been taking that money through the years and used it as directed.  They built some low cost housing, fed the homeless, leased space for homeless shelters and sent out a quarter million meals to homebound seniors.  
So why did Gilbert refuse the money this year?  Well, the “public” response was that the federal government is essentially bankrupt and they didn’t want to be part of a program that contributes to the country’s demise.  Gilbert also asserts that their own community already has many programs in place to help the homeless and seniors and they manage their own funds more efficiently without federal red tape.
The liberal “47 percenters” were aghast!  “Damn Tea Baggers!”, they cried.  “Ya gotta be crazy not to take free money!”, they lamented.
Well, I am taking the Gilbert folks on their word.  The town is something of an anomaly in that its demographics are more akin to Omaha, Nebraska than your typical Southwestern city.  The city is 81% White, 12% Hispanic and 3% African American.  The crime rate is low, the schools are good and her citizens are happy.
However, I suspect there is an additional factor weighing in on the city’s decision to “pass on the gravy”.  I know a few people who live out that way.  They say they have begun to see an increase in the crime rate as soon as they started building that low cost housing.  In providing that low cost housing Gilbert was beginning to attract that huge swath of 47 percent government tit suckers who will suck the very soul from a community.  Just as in Detroit, or Baltimore, or Chicago, or South Central Los Angeles, or downtown Phoenix, those low cost housing projects soon become slums and ghettos and ground zero for drug sales and violent crime.
More cities need to pass on the government "gravy"

More cities need to pass on the government “gravy”

I believe Gilbert is showing the foresight to say no to the federal gravy, thus saving themselves from a passel of problems associated with luring the life demeaning tit-suckers who have destroyed so many other cities.

No, the Gilbert town council will never say it….but I believe they decided to fore go the gravy so that they might continue basking in peaches and cream.
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  1. MTZ
    October 25, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Good for you Gilbert City. I wish every decent city will follow your lead, to get rid of the bad elements that ruins a city. If that happens, these criminals won’t find a place to ruin except for a federal concentration camps. Maybe by that time they will learn to behave like decent human beings.

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