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Obama throws everyone under the bus who voted for WAR

obama and kerryHow can Obama throw the GOP, liberals and Unions while not accepting any blame?

He believes what he has done exactly what he is really about. Weakening the Nation.

The liberals follow their fearless leader straight into WAR, Pelosi & Co. went against their own party, including the liberal holly wood elite for one reason only. The didn’t want to be perceived as racist, or as they say – anti black. #thatsracist

The the GOP RINO power freaks McCain, Bohner Gramm, and straight party line minions, followed Obama right off the cliff and spoke out how we needed to go to WAR. #idiots

The only sane people to stand up telling everyone to shut up this is ‘NOT OUR WAR’ were the libertarians. At least someone had a brain plus some critical thinking going on.

After all Obama was for a red line before he was against it being his line. He demanded Congress come back into session after England said hell NO thinking they would save his ASS, but any official who voted for it was scorned vehemently by their constitutes.

Obama managed to piss off the whole world with his limp game plan to have a limited strike, or pin prick  as Carry calls it, to now we have Russia dictating the game running the stall tactic to divert all attention there to keep his bases intact – this guy Putin has game, now he is the Worlds Hero, plus deserves Obamas Peace Award.

AS the world rages and the American people inundate every local official that dared to pick up with calls, many secretary divulged little conformation, in limited amounts if they were not saying NO TO WAR.

The amount of calls voting NO were 500:1.

Bill OReilly was stunned by his own poll he took asking who was in favor, the opposition was 91%. Bills steady march to WAR was stopped in crushing disbelief. He compares Assad to Hitler, but Americans are not stupid. The difference is no matter what side wins they still want to KILL AMERICANS.

So liberal and moderate republicans aka. RINOS fell into a trap and look feckless as our bumbling free world leader. Not to mention pissed off all the constitutes.

As these bureaucrats mire the endless paperwork from all the government machine they created saying we will document/destroy very bomb, the country marches into a state of disarray. Jobs turn into part time work – if you can get it. Families become dissolved, budgets get tighter, hope is gone in the wind, our faith keeps us going and they want to take that away.

True libertarians are going to split the GOP down the line and fracture the dems as well, the independents are fed up as well as the Christians. When people figure out that all of the government has spent what we don’t have, the banks lent out 100X their assets, will a melt down erode the fabric of the nation.

Recalls and Secession will fly around and the federal government will freak out to create the “police state” enforced at discretion. When the rich liberals and unions become exposed to all their hypocrisy’s. As well as the GOP bankers who have robbed the people blind while the complicit insurance companies demand getting their percent. The poorer people have nothing to loose and revolt.

States Rights become the rule and not the swept under the rug rule while physical Christian Conservative and true Libertarians take a stand to transform this nation to regain a robust, free, opportunity our forefathers dreamed of. The South and middle America will not pay for the sins of the north and liberal states much longer.


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