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RINO Pete Sessions (R) Texas: wants to fund Obamacare

Pete SessionsI have created a petition (that has been deleted for lack of signatures or attention) to demand Pete Sessions, who sits on the Rule Committee, to defund Obamacare. I went to all the Tea Parties in the DFW area and they refused to pass out my blog on this, so now they are part of the problem as well. Many member heads said they didn’t have time or some bullshit reason. I was even told to start my own group – so I refused to go back to these meetings.

Now Sessions refuses to attend town hall meetings, since he will be blasted from the podium, they all are up in arms about this crap. Well, had you put out that petition and got tons of people on board you would be ahead of the game. So why didn’t they do it? Hell your guess is as good as mine.

Now the latest article on red state gives a blistering review of the RINO Sessions and what sneaky games he is doing about the ACA law, you can read it here. Don’t blame me Tea party, I was way out in front of this problem.


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