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Martin Luther King’s Speech will cost you money to hear

Martin Luther King’s Speech will cost you money to hear

mlkHere is a little know fact that nobody else will tell you about the iconic speech by Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream”… It was copyrighted 1 week after he said it. So if you want to hear it you will have to pay money to hear it. For the honest black people that are in the world you have to demand better from the blacks that are bringing your race down.

It was funny to find out this great leader sold the rights to profit from his speech, claiming to use the money for Civil Rights Foundations. Yet now we know that corporations have the rights now and they use it for pure profit, and you know they had to pay someone for that right.

The speech that is about black people, for black people, has to be paid by black people to hear it. How civil is that?

So here is my interpretation of that speech:

I have a dream – that blacks will stop blaming whites for all their problems

I have a dream – that you have to have an ID to get food stamps and vote

I have a dream – that MLK’s speech didn’t have to wait till 2038 before it was free to hear

I have a dream – that blacks stop beating/shoot/robbing white people and blaming society for their problems

I have a dream – they would stop showing commercials with black men beside white women

I have a dream – you would stand up to race baiters and stop funding their lifestyle

I have a dream – you would get past 1960 and deal with 2013 like everyone else

I have a dream – you will pull up your pants and stop wearing gold on your teeth

I have a dream – admonish rap music and denounce the gangster lifestyle

I have a dream – the word redneck would be recognized as vile than nigger (look it up)

I have a dream – that unions and welfare programs would be abolished

I have a dream – that the MLK march wouldn’t sound like a DNC convention

I have a dream – they would let republicans speak at there mini DNC fest

These are just a few but that should give you a good idea what the real dream should be about. Accountability to your fellow man and respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that all walks of life should enjoy, to respect other people while embracing Christians- not denouncing or debasing them or their way of life.

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  1. Dan
    September 2, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    With all the hate on your website and your alarmingly frequent use of the n-word in your posts, I just thought I’d give you a heads up that I’ve reported your blog to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the United States Commission on Civil Rights. They need to know that we have another Timothy McVeigh in our midst. I’m very sad for you and hope you can get help. In the meantime, I only hope a visit from the authorities helps to keep those around you safe.

    • September 3, 2013 at 2:01 am

      Lets see, if you have been around any blacks they say nigger all the time. The use of redneck is used and if you knew the definition of that word you would know it is vile, but whites revere the slang word and use it to make money. The word nigger was defined as lazy and inept in the old dictionary, but since it has been bastardized to protect the PC world we white people are not suppose to say it or be labeled racist. Or as you like to say a McVeigh type person. Since you have no clue about me then you can’t talk about what type of person I am. I have listened to all the radical blacks on TV and hear them spew racist remarks all the time. Now they even accuse the Supreme Court as the KKK. Do you report that to the SPLC, who by the way, are the biggest racist on the planet, but you already knew that. So freedom of speech is only good if you agree with it, so when are you going to say the “R” word instead of redneck? Then don’t stop there you need to control other words as well. So then you can say “B” word but knowbody will know if that is bastard or bitch, guess you’ll have to guess what context its used in. So when you figure out the PC world has only done harm but that is your intention. Don’t worry about me I have control of my “HATE” and disagree with you that the only help America needs is to get a grip. Ask Richard Pryor about the word nigger, he made tons of money off it, but that was before people like you. When you pay attention to the race war people are living in these days you will see that we have certain black leaders are promoting race and never letting go of it to make money while entrenching a generation of hate. That is why I write these post, when 3 people beat up a white kid on a school bus, 2 kill an old man in Washington, another beat to near death, now all the others in MA in the downtown area beating people and the cops refuse to write up a report stating the RACE of the thugs. Then you will understand the anger that many other people feel. Heck who knows maybe this is the conversation yall wanted to bring up and talk about? So I think your the one who needs help, the first thing you cry about is a person said the word nigger, guess you will have to lock up a ton of blacks, whites, Mexicans, and Asians for saying a WORD. SO Dan, you really need to stop crying and talking about puerile remarks. If you read some of the post you will see I am asking for legitimate blacks to denounce these racist thugs that are violating civil liberties by promoting, beating, raping, and killing white people. How civil is that? By the way if I were such a racist as you claim, I wouldn’t be working with a Christian Black woman on building her a shop so she could start a new business, but then again you want to label a person to fit your narrative, typical libtard. What I do verbally condemn are people who beat people down others for pocket change and laughing while they do it or claim it was out of boredom… Yea thats the people you need to focus on…

  1. September 25, 2014 at 3:11 pm

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