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Col. Hunt and Peter school Bill O’Reilly today “Stay out of Syria”.

col huntWatching the Factor tonight Bill was talking to these two military men and they were in agreement not to go into Syria over the chemical bombing Bashar al-Assad is accused of doing on his own country. The Colonels agreed we should stay out and let them deal with this so America is not dragged into a proxy war, or a total war overall. Yet Bill wants to display his utopian humanitarian views as a noble news caster, but is only pandering to his point of view.

col petersWhen Bill said to these guys that they don’t trust the government and pressed them on it, to the point where he was debasing them on nationwide TV. That was when I was pissed off this jackass, who was never in the military, had the audacity to tell these career guys that.

Hey Bill I guess you trust the government explicitly don’t you, how’s the NSA working out, or the IRS, FBI, DHS etc… I will say it…I don’t trust this government and the police state we are living on now. We need to shut down this rogue oppressive bureaucratic machine that has way to much power. Can you name one government program that works, that isn’t bloated or unfunded? Their is no such program – they are designed to take from the privet sector to fund the public sector. Therefore as government grows the privet sector has to shrink.. period. 

We live in a time where the next best sound bite makes the news of the day while other bigger problems are swept under the rug. Like the race war the niggers have been waging ever since NOBAMA has been elected, with the race baiters constant drum beat it’s whity’s fault for all their problems, never taking responsibility for their own actions. Now the black women news commentators spew this hatred on Fox News openly, like Arthel Nevel, you can read their face and tone how they have disdain for whites with subtle comments prodding for a racist response.

BasharO’Reilly admonished these guys and put words in their mouths (that they didn’t say) they didn’t trust this government and it’s our duty to protect the kids that are dying and they were denying that help. Yet Bill neglected to mention that several other news sources are saying that al-Assad, is not the one who bombed these people, in fact it may be radicals that did this to drag America into a battle.

Let’s not forget that one side of this war is AlQaeda and the other is the Taliban.

So who are we protecting anyway? Do we want to help either of these factions, who HATE AMERICANS to win. Why would we do that and spend millions, if not billions to defend one single person? As far as I can tell we need to let them kill off each other and they can figure out who bombed who. Besides these people that are dying would do this to you in a heartbeat and not ask for forgiveness.

So.. to the liberals and BILL O’REILLY, you’re just helping a group of people that will grow up to kill you, and you’re complicit if this escalates into a war… sorry but they can die and praise ALLA in the next life.

Bill O’Reilly you are not the most important person on the planet plus your wrong. Now your on your soap box preaching what America should do and believe. Not only that but to tell these Colonels they are wrong when you never served a day in the military… that is abhorrent.

O’Reilly is preaching for war with Syria, when you get the great conflagration you ask for then you can crawl under your Fox News desk and  write a book about “Killing America”.

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