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Texas Petition agaisnt DOJ suing Texas: TEXANS STAND UP

eric-holder-suedEric Holder is suing Texas over the voter ID Law that was passed by Texans.

Click Here to sign Petition against Eric Holder and the rights of Texans..

This is the first online petition to telling the DOJ to stay the hell out of Texas and mind there own business.

It has been proven that voter fraud has run rampant in the last election, when you have an election official in the yankee states voting 7 times for #nobama, it is apparent the last election was rigged. The Federal government has run amok, it’s time to send a message to Washington we are not going to stand for this anymore. The cost of the DOJ to perform this action will cost ALL Americans, yet that has be bearing on the fact this government is broke. Eric Holder is still on contempt of Congress, Fast and Furious has not gone away. The investigations into the IRS scandal has not done one single investigation by the FBI to talk to a single Tea Party person. Eric Holder signed the warrant into Fox News reporter James Rosen. This has not been forgotten…

It’s now estimated with all the unfunded liabilities the US is 97 TRILLION in debt, the waste fraud and abuse this government refuses to admit to is egregious and costing hard working people their live savings. Our kids will have to pay for the sins this government betrothed to the future of America with total disdain towards the will of the people.

Stand up and make your voice heard before all your rights are taken away.


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