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2 Blacks 1 Wigger shoot Austrailian “It’s was Racial”

Christopher LaneIf you think the shooting of Chris Lane, from Australia was NOT racial, then your a stupid or a liberal. If you think these thugs want to say it was just “boredom” then your just living a lie.

There is a lot of chatter on the internet how thugs want to “kill whitey” and they are doing it.


When Shepard Smith, had the law spokesperson on the other day from OK, he was tap dancing around what he knew and refused to admit it was done out of “boredom”.

Even after their office released that as an official statement – Shep pressed him several times and he said he knew nothing about that statement. And he refused to speak about the race of the shooters. #WTF is that?


Now the lame stream media refuses to address this as racial, and have been performing linguistic gymnastics to not even speak about skin color. What are they talking about – the gun and how we need more gun control.

That is the same thing as blaming the rope for a hanging. They are refusing to talk about race since one of the thugs was white, but I guess the media is oblivious to the fact this white dude was a wigger.

What is a wigger? That is a white person who wants to be a nigger…

These stupid white people want to be a nigger and adopt the “gangster lifestyle” with all the perks of being the scum of society.

So you think this is just a random shooting, then just wait till another white baby is shot in the face by another black attempting to rob a white lady. Did you already forget about the 3 thugs beating down the white boy on the bus in Florida?

130811raywidstrand-340x170Or how about a white guy beat half to death by 50 blacks and left in a coma. Do you think this is random, wait till its in your backyard then you will wake up.

Get prepared while you can before these thugs kill you for fun at best and food at worst, either way you will be DEAD…

So where is Allen West speaking out about this racial motivated crime, or the race baiters like Al $haprton? What did Je$$y Jack$on say? He made a mundane tweet how “justice will prevail” but you don’t hear how this was racial.

Hey OBAMA could one of these thugs have been your son???

Australians are pissed at America, well us “white people” are pissed off even more. I know the people I have meet from Australia, were very good people and they told me they love Texans. I have to say I love them as well for a simple reason. They are plain spoken and mean what they say, like Texans, that is why we get along so well.

Respectable blacks are now being lumped into a category and the trust is eroding from whites towards them. How can white people trust blacks when they excuse these thugs and make excuses for them, or when they say Obama is doing a good job – when his skin color is not the issue but his bad policies are. Here lies the rub, can you excuse race when blacks are coming out saying they want to kill whites?

Niggers are killing white people, its not the gun that’s the problem. These thugs are the same as the Muslim Brotherhood – and they hate white people.

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