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Rodeo Clown Wearing Obama Mask

obama clown

The racist are all up in arms about a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask.

Why are these obama-drones so mad? I guess it’s ok when you wear a Bush mask and debase him, or Regan, or Nixon, but if your black that’s racist. What a bunch of whiners and crybabies. Oh how liberals cry when their exalted leader is made fun of, but Nobama gets what he gives. He needs to go back to Leno and do more stand up, that’s all he can do is talk about problems and not solve them…

This is more hypocrisy from the left to never let a crisis go to waste. 

But now the RINO’s from Missouri have come out saying how they are sick from all this, what a buck of wimps. They can’t even stand behind their own base at a country rodeo, and they wonder why we want to vote them out?

Obama sucks and we have the right to voice our opinion, that is until freedom of speech is sequestered by this regime.

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