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Oprah snubs FOXNEWS: Boycott her movie

ThePassi(9) Oprah was interviewed by a reporter on her new film about a black butler in the White House. It was rumored that she had asked Nobama to appear in the film, of course there is no racial biased sensation here. Not OPRAH, who was told was to fat by Mochelle Nobama and not to come around during the campaign election.. haha.

She said “Nobama was to smart to be in a film and then be all over FOXNEWS, he is just to smart for that”???

Really he’s so smart huh.

So how do you know?

Nobama refuses to release his college transcripts so you can’t see what his grades are, has never worked in the privet sector one day in his life, and his greatest accomplishment is Obamacare that has divided the nation and further compounded race relations that have set it back to the 60’s…

Yep that is your guy there. So how do you equate how smart a person is???

At least one thing is for sure, now that she pissed off half of America I will not be going to see this movie, and you should not either. Supporting these libtards is the problem, we need to stop funding these liberals and they can go broke. This is how you put them in there place…

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