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Lou Dobbs tells Tea Party to “Lead Follow of Get Out Of the Way”

lou dobbsI was watching Dobbs tonight and he was talking with a big tea party guy who was directly targeted by the IRS. In fact the IRS agent said they were investigating him strictly because of his involvement with the party. After much debate and chatter, Dobbs asked what are you going to do about it; your last attempt failed miserable, then Dobbs ended with the headline quote.

Now Wade Emmerit wrote a very good article that is worthy of reading, it was soft spoken and serene. In fact it was pleasantly presented in an inoffensive way. After meeting with Wade, I asked why can’t people just jump into a party and shake things up. He said people will take offense to that, as if they are taking it personally.

Message from the Chairman – Week In Review

Life, Politics and the Republican Party

I spent much of last week in Colorado. The weather was beautiful and the mountains were inspiring. It gave me time to reflect on life, politics and the Republican Party.

Republicans are very thoughtful people. We are passionate about our values and stand on our principles. A side effect, however, can be a tendency to be critical of anyone who doesn’t share all the same views as we do. Sometimes we place derogatory labels on other Republicans that serve no purpose other than to divide the party.

I think part of the problem is that Republicans too often confuse unity with uniformity. We mistakenly think that we can only be unified if we are uniformed in our values. I’m here to tell you that if that is the standard you require, it will never be achieved. Republicans are not homogeneous or commodities. 

Uniformity is unattainable and undesirable. Political parties thrive with debate and competing ideas. The Republican Party has a history of challenging the status quo and that doesn’t happen in a stagnant party.

I don’t know about you, but I care deeply about my values and I’m not going to compromise them for anyone.  But I recognize that not everyone comes to the Republican Party for the same reasons. Some people are Republicans because of social issues. Others identify with conservatives because of their fiscal principles, reducing government spending and debt; while others are Republicans because they believe in a limited role of government. The truth is, most people fall into each of those categories to some degree, just not the same degree.

The point is we are all intelligent, passionate and discerning.  One thing we are not — nor have we ever been — is uniformed, commodities or clones.

Individualism is our strength. We should accept it and celebrate it.

Here is where I have a problem. If people are going to be offended because someone wants to jump in and kick some ass to get this going, why would anyone be offended? The answer to me is clear, we have certain people that have done a lot of work and now they want to receive credit for that. I don’t blame them, they spent many hours/days/weeks/years to get to this point, yet at the same time their views are limiting the party movement because people have to wait on them. You can’t call yourself a party if nobody can act or have a say in what is going on, most importantly to stifle a person only pisses them off and they resort to starting another group (ANOTHER GROUP), WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE FIRST GROUP? Or the biggest thing of all they have no meetings and if they do they talk about stupid shit… I don’t say that lightly, I have heard about what some groups talk about and it is shocking.

I find it amazing that Rubio, and Mike Lee, are talking about defunding Obamacare, yet I have had a PETITION to do that very thing (and have passed it around to many LEADERS) since July 12th and guess how many signatures it has to date… 11… that is fucking pathetic… And you wonder why WE lost the election? No will one pass it around…WHY?

Here is another reason the party can’t get it shit together. I asked another “party leader” to pass around my blog and sign this petition, the reply was shocking.

“While I agree with what you have said, and that it would be good to join together and have a bigger voice, I will have to turn you down. Being in south Dallas County, it is a very diverse area and 50% are democrats. Democrats are invited to the Tea Party meetings, many are friends of mine and half my church members are Democrats. They are naive and don’t realize what they are voting for, and these are the people I want to reach, as well as empowering people at home that want to get involved and do something.

If the Tea Party only works within the Republican party, we just split the party and empower the Democrat party. But if we also can reach those in the Democrat party that believe the way do, then we can truly change things”.

So let me get this straight, this female group leader is afraid to OFFEND DEMOCRATS? This is mind blowing (STUPIDITY) to me, so raising taxes and enslaving mine and your kids to a government paying higher taxes and less freedom is not offensive? Who the hell is worried about being RIGHT?

These (idiots) democrats should be offended and publicly shamed for the lack of intelligence and leadership they convey while willfully neglecting to protect the very rights “of the people” they grew up with. That statement was placating the same shit that lost the country originally, this appeasement to a derelict group of people is NOT who we want in the party – you can’t change some people minds no matter what you say, or the empirical evidence you provide. Do you really want these people around? HELL NO… This is WAR people, either get on board, or get run over…

John F. Kennedy said a rising tide lifts all boats, he was not a republican. The statement is a fact so therefore true. The tea party needs to start getting on board with other groups, local, national, and join up with all the bloggers that advocate this message. Just clicking on a link WILL get higher google rankings so the blogs and websites come to the top of the searches. If you think the libtards are not doing this your stupid.

Liberals don’t like each other but they hate republicans more, so they unite on everything and they sure as hell don’t placate to republicans…

You don’t have to agree with me on everything, in fact if you did I would find you very creepy; but you should stand with the people that hold the values and principles true to the basic philosophy. Anything less is an abject failure on your part. This one party mindset or I will determine what my readers/groups receives is bullshit. That is censorship and uniformity… that is not the REPUBL-I-CAN agenda. Heavy on the  I-CAN….

So lead, follow or get the hell out of the way…


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