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NSA Bombshell: No Court has given authority for Mass Surveillance

socialismI was watching Congress grilling the NSA, FBI and DOJ senior ranking members on data collection they were doing on the American people. What is shocking was how many members of Congress had no clue this was going on. When Rep. Poe said he didn’t like Snowden, but would have never know these operations were going on, had he not divulged these programs.

The real bombshell was when James Cole, Deputy Director of the DOJ, said no authority had been given to gather mass surveillance of phone records. Also it is confirmed that all your phone records, school records, credit card transaction, hotel receipts, tax records, internet searches, GPS, and license plates photos are under the program to gather information on you. They can use this data at a later date, since it is stored for 5 years. Also if you are on privet property with other people, you don’t have a “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”… Therefore you can be spied on by government.

What was also discovered was 22 people have “direct” access to query this information, and that hundreds of people can servile your information as well. Not to mention that over 33K request from the FISA court have been submitted since 1979, while 11 (total) had been denied, that is 97%  grant ratio.

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