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Advertising Obamacare: 1 Billion allotted in spending half already spent

judge and constitution1Did you know that you were paying for the ads running on TV commercials, port-a-potties, billboards and now on talk radio shows like on WBAP in Dallas TX… That means if you don’t agree with the ACA, you’re still funding it with your tax dollars.

What about all the commercials we see here in Texas about Sandy, they are running like mad and you know that cost big bucks. I’m sure tax payers are funding this as well, but it’s hidden under some hidden or misleading name not disclosing the true donors, aka you and me.

I find it hard to believe Texans will give money to Sandy people, when FEMA refuses to help out West TX, where the fertilizer plant exploded wiping out the whole city. This is the Obama administration punishing people in Texas that don’t agree with his bad policies.

Here is the sad part, out of the 1 billion for advertising; half of that money has already been spent, yet Obamacare is proving to be a total disaster, or train wreck as some have said… Even the unions that supported NObama are running for the hills and calling Obamacare a bad bill saying “it will weaken the American dream as we know it”, pretty strong stuff from these idiots who followed Nancy Pelosi after she said “we have to pass a bill to know what’s in it, away from the fog of controversy”.

Who in their right mind would sign something without reading it?

Damn these libtards are stupid. This is another reason government needs to be shut down, these jerks only know how to do one thing, spend money…

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