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US gov’t reports 166 Billion Surplus: DEBUNKED

judge and constitution1The liberals have some good news for you, we had a 166 billion dollar surplus in July, and that’s good news?Really?

Well not so fast there libtards, here are a few facts you forgot to mention about the fuzzy math accounting bureaucrats don’t want YOU to know about.

Fanny Mac had to repay 66 million back to the tax payer, you and me. That was money already spent and just given back to the people who already paid to the government. Now this gets into government accounting so you will have the appropriate special language. Can you say fuzzy math?

Another 35 million was not spent due to a short month in the accounting cycle, again, not money generated, just not spent on programs allotted towards – by one day.

That means 101 billion plus, was not spent or generated by the economy (it just took it from one hand and gave it to the other). The other 15 million was generated by higher taxes/regulations/fines/fess and libtards call this good news?

If you took the 35 million that was not spend on time (like usual, for GOD knows what), then there would be a deficit of 20 million.

This is another reason bureaucrat’s use fuzzy math to obfuscate the facts we are in a “growing economy”, this way they can hide the fact we are spending more than we take in, in huge chunks.

Of course, if we had the ability to calculate the fraud, waste, and abuse of tax money, we would see there is no savings at all. Just massive spending…

The only way to save any cash is to cut government in half, cut welfare programs to bare bones, abolish the IRS, Fed Reserve, EPA, DHS, and HHS. All these bureaucrat’s are UNIONIZED and steal from their own members of society (thank GOD I am not union, nor will I ever be in one) to fund a bigger government like these departments mentioned. These non-elected officials lie and defraud “We the People” all in the name if getting a paycheck and pension, even if your kids will have to suffer [in the near] future to pay it back, but its already insurmountable.

When you have more that 50% of the country receiving some form of a government paycheck, you can bet one thing is for sure, it will not last long before it will collapse.

IF you really want to google this headline without the “debunked” go right ahead, but you will find that other articles reported on this are quite a bit different, leaving the impression of recovery, and that is far from the truth. Yet they are EXACTLY the same from different sites, I mean copy and paste verbatim. (I did google it and was amazed they were all the same). Are libtards so stupid they can only “copy and paste” the same exact shit and nobody will figure it out.

Libtards and RINO’s must think the American people are really stupid?

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