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More Proof Government Needs to be SHUT DOWN

judge and constitution1Do you really need another reason to shut down the government? I know the fringe will say I am a nihilist, but what is the common person suppose to think when a rapacious government refuses to STOP SPENDING our future into oblivion.

Do I really want to shut down the government? Well….. YES. We have to stop the abusive spending that is destroying this nation.

Political correctness does not benefit anyone. It only creates more division and special interest groups to serve their agenda and promote political ideology.

WE need to send a message to cut this government in half, if not more. As we hear about more wasteful spending, fraudulent leadership, lies, obfuscation, and just plain old gaming the [buddy-buddy] system that has been ongoing for decades.

You can’t blame one party; they are all in it together.

We have had laws on the books about securing the boarder for years, yet nobody in congress will enforce these laws. Just like Obama passing the ACA, now he will delay his own law.

We NOW have a government that will pass laws only to execute the ones that benefit them at that time, that is LAWLESSNESS.

Just in Afghanistan, it has been reported 35 million was built on a new building (that will never be used by the military) as a military hub. Since were pulling out of their we have no need for it, not to mention the commanders told them they didn’t need it 2 years ago. So now they are planning on tearing down that building, because if we give it back to the Afghanies, it would have to be retro-fitted, to their needs costing more than the original construction cost. Or how about 80 million the tax payers spent to RENT a building in Afghanistan that was never used, or 1.8 million spent on roll up beef jerky, and many other programs I was unable to write down as Rand Paul explained the millions that were wasted. In total I heard it was around 250 million wasted in tax payer’s money.

Yet we have military personnel who can’t needed treatment after serving their country, giving up their life to secure their way of life.

This is just a drop in the bucket; we have millions spent paying the IRS, to pay people to persecute us for not being good little citizens and pay up. We have congress people who lie, cheat, and steal; but this is not limited to the federal level., we have evolved this attitude to state and local levels now. We are seeing a fleecing of hard working people as their incomes and wealth are being flushed down the drain. Yet we do nothing, or we feel like we can stop it.


We could cut off the funding to show the leaders they are not getting FREE MONEY to spend how they please. They work for us and it’s time they were fired. If this were a company we would have been bankrupt decades ago. We have seen billions extend into trillions, hell I never even heard of a trillion until Obama was in office.

Trey Gouwdy, was one of my favorite congress men, he is calling for a 24% reduction of funding to the IRS, but that’s not enough. We need to end the IRS and set up a new system where people are not in charge of the money. People are people, and will eventually get greedy, that’s what is going on now, and has been going on for years now.

How many people actually believe social security will be around for them? I know my generation knew it was not going to be there, and now the younger generation is feeling the same. We all know the economic collapse is on the horizon, under this administration. You can’t spend trillions, while millions are out of work or personal wealth decreased by 40%.

We have over half of the nation on some form of government assistance, we have a work force that has dried up, personal wealth vanish, pride in the country gone downhill, freedoms being given up for so called security, constitutional rights stomped on, not to mention states rights being oppressed by a federal bureaucrats.

The only way we can right the ship and fix the leaks is to put it in dry dock for repairs. Our government has run amok, and we all know it. The only thing we can do is fight back with our voices and petitions, if government worked on the honor system, they would be fired, and out on the street.

Congress has a few good people, and the senate as well, but the masses are corrupt with special interest money. They have been bought and paid for by the rich, this has been ongoing for decades. When YOUR broke, you can’t print money, yet we have a federal reserve that has unlimited access to a printing press at the authority of bureaucrats to evolve a personal agenda.

The congress is supposed to be the pulse of Americans, not special interest groups. Congress has taken its power away from members to align with the ruling party.

This is not what “We the People” subscribed to or hired to represent us.

Here is a video just taken after a person invoked his 5th amedments rights, and this is not the only one. More is coming into light how this police state is controlling our life and way of thinking.

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