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The ED Show: Lies, Deceit and Obfuscation

ed schultzOccasionally I tune into MSLSD to see what these libtards are spewing to the somnambulant serfs that watch Ed’s lame ass show. I was truly disturbed by the lies, slanderous remarks, deceit, and obfuscation, this fat asshole pontificates.

Ed, who is a flaming liberal, has to use a straw man to validate his agenda, and went out of his fat ass way to make points that were wrong at best and outright lies at worst. I am leaning towards the latter. Ed, your a liar, get your facts straight dipshit.

First the NLRB, National Labor Review Board, on how they operated saying that “right to work” states are killing America. Well first off Ed, we here in Texas don’t like unions and I for one hate “unions” (#unionstrong is a joke), they are the same people who are bankrupting society for their own political and personal reasons. Of course Ed, failed to mention the power grab these unions have had over time buying congressmen, senators and now the president, or how they fund only democrats to promote their agenda. Ed fails to mention that all these (blue) union states are broke, many with a total debt over 100+ million in the red in these cities. Now look at the right to work (red) states that have republican governors, they have a surplus, why is that Ed? You want to blame the red states for having lower wages, well let’s look at that specious argument. Do you want a job or not, you can get one in the red sates, but you can’t in the blue states, so I ask you. Do you want a job for a few bucks less, or no job at all? Plus the cost of living is cheaper in the red states yet nobody seems to figure that into the equation.

Next Ed, went on about how it’s all the republicans fault, that is a fallacy Ed, and his cronies have been spreading for years. I don’t know a single conservative that wants dirty air and water, yet this fat asshole keeps telling the “low information voter”, it’s all the GOP’s fault. So Ed, why is it that republicans have been on the for-front of creating jobs in the energy sector that have the potential to create more wealth than any other sector. Are you against jobs Ed?

Now here is where Ed really stepped in a hole, he was crying about all the “public sector” jobs that have been lost, claiming that is a bad sign for growth. Are you freaking kidding me you fat ass? Public sector jobs suck the life blood out of the economy, we all know government does not create jobs, they tax the workers, that’s it. Privet sector jobs fund the government you dickhead, if you tax the privet sector to death, you kill the economy. Where did you go to school? Ed went on to say that “this president” has created jobs for the last 40 months in a row, and the republicans have been blocking him all the way or we would have more jobs. What Ed failed to mention is the U6 number that has unemployment around 14.6% not the 7.6% he claimed on TV, using a different stat. Or, that all these jobs have been in the service industry, so if you want to be a waiter or part time worker delivering pizza then you in good shape.

So Ed, why don’t you give up your job to a low wage worker so they can make it on your salary, we all know your getting a big fat check? But liberals talk about the little guy while creating class war within America. Ed was almost calling for riots about the Voter Registering Act that SCOTUS passed in favor of states’ rights to act autonomously of the failed federal regulations from 50 years ago, inciting blacks how oppressive this is. yet he didn’t use the stat that black voters has increased over the last decade exponentially, or that voter fraud was running rampant during the last election. Of course, this is the same rhetoric with Pierce Morgan, calling for race riots (in LA) against George Zimmerman, calling Zimmerman a racist, hate monger filled with rage against the black man; of course that is pure speculation on his part, he has no idea what Zimmerman was thinking at the time of the shooting. But that’s MSLSD for ya. After all, NBC are the ones in a law suit for falsely editing a tape to make Zimmerman sound racial.

The end of his show was the best part, and the most telling about the liberal agenda. Do you know who “Cupid” is, not the folk lore person who shoots arrows into the ass of people to fall in love. This is the guy who made the infamous song to line dance to, and the IRS was busted, on video tape, dancing to. Ed wanted to show-case this person and dance live on air, to his song, saying this was what the GOP was worried about, a line dance? Doing everything in his weak minded power to deflect the outrage from the American people.

Well Ed, you forget the context why people are pissed off at the IRS in the first place. You see Ed, the IRS wasted millions of dollars making that video, and many others, like the Star Trek, Jeopardy, and many others that followed, after being investigated. Or, how about the IRS targeting Tea party people not giving them tax exempt status in 2 years or more, or how Obama brother received tax exempt status in 6 weeks after applying and the IRS made it retroactive for 2 years; or how about the tax info leaked to a left wing newspaper to be cast in the public domain against the Tea party or any affiliates? It was only about 40 million bucks this one agency alone wasted. So Ed, how many Vets could have had hospital surgeries, medicine, or proper care for the wounds they encumbered defending your fat ass? Do you not support the Vets or government waste?

This is what the left want you to focus on, stupid things that have no relevance to the budget, jobs, energy independence, national security, gun rights, and keeping federal agencies from excoriating your personal and privet freedoms. Not the mention keeping the government from wasting tax dollars that the kids in America will have to pay back one day.

Ed Show is just a hack for libtards, they lie, cheat, and steal your freedoms openly now. They will hide behind women, kids (if they are lucky enough to be born) and old white guys that defend this anti-constitutional democracy. The Ed Show lacks integrity, truth, and transparency to give you real information.

This is proof that conservatives have to stand up and take it to them personally. We have to fight them like they do, with outrage, truth, and spite. I mean we have to get down in the dirt and get mad as hell. We have to fight these people like we are fighting a war; they have to be destroyed in public and privet.

This is WAR, if you want to make a stand then now is the time to defend your way of life before these freaks take over and ruin this country.

Ed Show is for weak minded fools and faggots, that want to change you values, Christ died for what he believed in, will you?

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