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Liberals are “BRAINWASHING KIDS”: Using K-12, Colleges, and Libraries

judge and constitution1Have you ever heard of CSCOPE? This is a program that has been installed in grade schools up to high school. After going to a Tea party meeting I had no idea this was going on in the public schools. They are forcing liberalism upon kids, forcing them to change their mindset and values, that you taught them. We’re talking about public schools gathering their information (like the NSA) on all kids, like facial recognition, voter and political leanings, posture and now being forced to “tell” other government agencies to share this information about parents or others. They are also forcing them to accept gays, government programs and even promote them, even installing MRI machines to examine your kids (without your permission) to make sure they are within tolerance of school protocols. That is the state running rough shot over your parental rights.

We all know that colleges have been the breeding grounds of liberalism, but this has taken a turn in the worst direction. With outspoken professors who blast the GOP, conservatives, and free thinking people. We have seen a corruption by academia to pursue special interest groups that conform to their way of thinking, while other are shunned and outcast as intolerant or profoundly misguided. These colleges run up the tuition to outrageous amounts, claiming without a degree your nothing and will be nothing, indebting all walks of life to a perpetual life of servitude to the government loan program. It’s a master plan to enslave everyone that attends school to be serfs to a piece of paper that tells them they will be successful. Student debt is at an all time high, you can thank congress/college for that, and they are in bed together. What will happen when all these people graduate and there is no jobs to be had, oh wait that is happening now, then what will happen to the American dream?

Libraries and the Association of Librarians have endorsed Obamacare, in fact 17K libraries are set up to have Obamacare on the home page of all computers when you log on.

Our library in Dallas TX, will have this now and it’s appalling to me I have to pay “ANY” tax money to a program I disagree with.

They claim they are only informing people how to access health care, but they fail to tell you libraries are public funded institutions paid for by YOU the privet sector. So if you disagree with Obamacare, you’re still funding the advertising of this program at the library.

The NFL, NBA, and Baseball have all rejected this program using them as patsies to enforce/promote this audacious program.

California has a new program where they are telling students, and paying them, to teach others and their parents about Obamacare and how morally acceptable it is.

NPR had a person on the other day who correctly told the “so called reporter” how the program worked, saying they are “telling parents this is a good program and they should accept it” and they should embrace/promote it. This outraged the parent who was (live on the air) telling this reporter about what they are really doing. The reporter claimed they never heard of anything like that. Leave it to the Rush Limbaugh Show to shed light on how little these “so called reporters” know (very little) about the very program they are reporting on. What are these so called journalists getting paid for, cheer-leading?

Sign up on my blog if you agree with me liberalism is corrupting this nation: damdems.wordpress.com

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  1. July 6, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Rob the faggot, glad your sick ass is back I needed to bitch slap a obamadrone today. So lets take this one at a time to make sure you don’t lose track of the topic. First, I said they are getting these machines, that can be used on kids. With or without parent permission was the issue that created concern, since that was a policy that had not been cleared up by certain officials. You fucking IDIOT. NEXT…

    1. Texas uses MRI machines on kids without their parents’ permission. DEBUNKED

    2. Sarah Palin is the Antichrist. Have you asked her if she followed Satanism, if she was a true believer then she would profess it like the dipshits did in Austin during the Bill to ban late term abortions did. Since you are just stretching for conjecture… DEBUNKED

    3. Ronald Reagan was an al Queda operative, working hand in hand with bin Laden on the 9/11 operation. Regan worked with Bin Lauden to fund his little war against Russia, so they could push back Communism so it wouldn’t take over (even though their religion is far worse). So when back lash of Congress (D’s) found out they wanted to pull it back, so that they were not involved in some international event. When funding dried up, Bin Lauden turned his anger towards America for leaving him stranded to fend for themselves without guns or backing. I will concede that arming a sworn enemy of Christains was a band move on Regans part, yet what is worse communism or that? I would have been on the side of Russia actually on this one. DEBUNKED

    4. Mitt Romney has an invisible monkey that sodomizes him every time his wife farts. Oh you have your story confused, it is Obama that is the monkey with his little tin cup dancing around begging for campaign contributions. While Moooshell is actually a man that had a sex change and his kids are adopted. Yea that’s your boy there and look on my website I have the story there about Mooshell, it’s freaking funny as crap, I’m sure an Obamadrone/libtard like you would love this… DEBUNKED

    5. God is a homosexual. He can’t get enough gay sex. There are no Atheist in a fox hole, good thing your not at war or you would find GOD. DEBUNKED

    6. All gun owners go to hell. That would be the libtards that will be dancing in the lake of fire. The only time you will see a Christan Gun toting person is when they are starring down at you from Heaven, that’s about as close as you will ever get faggot. DEBUNKED

    So as you attempt to use specious prose to obfuscate your weak position, you only look buffoonish at best, and a complete moron at worst, but then again faggots like you have nothing to lose but your salvation. Who am I to persuade you, after all you can lead a jackass to water but you can’t make them drink. So live it up while you can, eternity will be around a long time. Hey look on the bright side, you made a friend in me, I may even piss on you to ease the burning as you slowly roast in the pit of hell… On second thought, your not my friend, I will sit back and watch you burn and ask you petty little questions like, damn that looks like it hurts, or do you want a glass of water? But don’t worry, I will only talk to you once and never again, that would be a waste of time, even if I have eternity… Until we meet again… Have a BLESSED DAY.

    • July 5, 2013 at 4:26 am

      Well I be damn, about time we got something right here. Trust me Texas has lost some of it’s ways, It’s time to get back to basics.. Thanks for the heads up..

  2. Rob
    July 3, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    MRI machines? I’d ask you for a link or some proof, but republicans don’t understand the concept.

    I mean, stop and just THINK for a second. Does that even SOUND true, or was Alex Jones telling you this?

    • July 3, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      Hey libtard do you want proof or would you rather prevaricate the facts simple because you have no idea what your talking about… When you want some proof I will send you some, until then your just another idiot that talks out of their ass to look important. I guess your ok with CSCOPE, in general, as well huh???

      I love people like you who attempt to discredit someone because they don’t buy into your bullshit.

      What is really funny I can offer a dickhead like you proof all day long and you still refuse to accept the it, for one simple reason. I doesn’t align with your political beliefs, that’s why people like me are bashing idiots like you. You don’t believe Obamacare is bad for the nation, you think welfare is a good thing, guns are the root of all evil, faggots are good for the country and republicans are backwood hicks that have no clue.

      What a buffoon you are, when you make claims your can’t back up or defend, so you go on the attack, weak as it is. What a pussy, but then again that’s your party and the position you have to defend (glad Im not you)… When you get done chanting at your NObama throne you can wipe your ass with the ACA bill…

      By the way I don’t listen to Alex Jones you idiot… Guess you may need to tune into THE ED SHOW to get your daily libtard BS for the day. That jackass is a hack, but so are you and your party… Have a shitty day fag lover, oh and kill a few babies today while your at it. History will decide your fate and judging from history your are on the wrong side of it, as usual…

      • Rob
        July 3, 2013 at 2:48 pm

        When you want some proof I will send you some

        Actually, that was the point of my post. If you have some proof, it would be nice for you to share it with us. That way you aren’t just “mak[ing] claims your can’t back up,” to borrow your phrase. I appreciate the vitriol, I really do. It’s all very cute, if irrelevant. But I ask again, care to back up your claim?

    • July 3, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      Oh I did forget to ask you since your a flaming liberal and love what this administration stand for can you tell me this, how does dick taste and do you like getting fucked in the ass? Are you the pitcher or the catcher?

      • Rob
        July 3, 2013 at 2:51 pm

        I thought we were discussing MRI machines? Please do try to stay on topic, Socrates.

    • July 3, 2013 at 6:29 pm

      Wow you had the balls to email me back, Im surprised. Now let me explain this to you as simple as possible so you can understand this. MRI machines have been written in the CSCOPE manual, if you want to go buy the manual (but you can’t find it) they have been taken up so the public has no idea what this program is or contains inside the book, or if they revise it nobody knows what the revisions are and how they effect student/parents.

      A former teacher/professor, was the one who discovered all this inside stuff and reported it. Now if you need a link you will not find one, sorry disbelievers. But, if you want to talk to the person who discovered this info, I can email you her address, or give you her phone number. Are you willing to pick up a phone to find out the truth, or does that scare you? If you want to discredit a person who has been in the education business all their life, then your a fucking moron. So be sure to stay on topic when you do, she is not a fool and will drop you like a libtard rock. Also, I find it amusing that you want to pick out one part of this gross program, questioning the reality of it, yet give a pass to all the other stuff in this program.

      So tell me, do you agree with the CSCOPE program? Do you support this program? If you do it doesn’t matter what empirical evidence that is presented, you will duck your head in the sand saying “their is nothing to see here”. Typical libtard faggot position…

      • Rob
        July 3, 2013 at 10:27 pm

        MRI machines have been written in the CSCOPE manual, if you want to go buy the manual (but you can’t find it) they have been taken up so the public has no idea what this program is or contains inside the book

        Sure it does. And I have an invisibility cloak. You can’t see it, of course. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

        Some guy told you? That’s your proof? Jeez, you have an airtight case there, buddy.

    • July 4, 2013 at 12:45 pm

      Hey dipshit, I noticed you didn’t want the persons name that has the info, why is that?

      So you don’t believe me, hell I knew that was your defense. Even if I had the story you would debase that as well. So here let me turn the table on you. Since I can’t get a hold of the CSCOPE manual, then why don’t you prove me wrong, that it’s not written in the scope of the book. You will not be able to find that because the books have been taken up and hidden from the public, so if that’s all you have then you fall short in your argument; you don’t want to know. That is the libtards position, if it doesn’t benefit me or my party I doesn’t exist. “Nothing to see here move along” crap is not a excuse that is doesn’t occur, damn your an idiot…

      Oh let me guess, you don’t have the time to defend your argument, just time to talk shit. In fact you never answered the question, ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF CSCOPE? Why is that?

      You libtards like to pretend your high and mighty, but your far from laudable in all areas. In fact you fall short of the human race by enslaving people into food stamp programs, create race wars, undermine the economy, and use a false narrative to prevaricate your agenda.

      Did you watch you buddy Pierce Morgan, he was in-sighting race wars over the Zimmerman case, calling him a murder and vile race hater, it was all specious at best, and outright conjecture at worst. Yet this is what your party is about, creating division and hate, you have no other narrative thats relevant to any subject at hand.

      Thank GOD I’m going to Tea Party meetings all day today, so idiots like you can be defeated by other sane people that DO believe the gov is TO BIG and that liberals like you, are the reason this country is going downhill. I guess you like the path to impecunious or having your freedoms sequestered by an empirical, tyrannical, oppressive government. Well I can tell you I will stand up and shout this is not the America I grew up in or know. You may like what your getting from NOBAMA, but most other people don’t agree with you.

      Guess you will have to wait till mid-terms to find out how big the Tea party has become, and that scares fags like you. We don’t want abortion, guns taken away, GOD taken out of schools, freedoms lost, higher taxes, fossil fuels shut down, energy prices to explode, less jobs, amnesty for millions of law breakers, forced expensive health care, higher taxes, more restrictions on business, bigger government. I guess you are in favor of all that to protect your party, your a fascist faggot. Hard to believe your American in favor of all that, where is your brain at?

      • Rob
        July 4, 2013 at 2:20 pm

        Since I can’t get a hold of the CSCOPE manual, then why don’t you prove me wrong, that it’s not written in the scope of the book.

        The burden of proof is on you here. You’re asking me to disprove something you invented from your fevered information. Maybe you would also like me to prove that unicorns don’t exist? And the existence of unicorns is far more likely than a magical MRI machine that examines a child’s progressive tendencies or whatever. Seriously, did that not pass the smell test even a little bit?

        Oh, and you should know that Ronald Reagan’s asshole is currently being used to transmit invisible communist messages to North Korea. It’s totally true! Not made up at all! Prove me wrong!

    • July 4, 2013 at 4:22 pm

      Yet again you refuse to answer the question… DO YOU SUPPORT CSCOPE. Why is it faggots like you can’t answer a simple question. Also when I tell you I can give you a person, who is very well informed on the subject, you refuse to ask for it. This is the libtards position, don’t answer a question and refuse to seek advise.

      Fucks like you are so stupid, now you stoop to say Regans asshole is being used for what, you do know Regan is DEAD right? That’s typical, you resort to deflection to mislead and go around the question…

      So FAGGOT, do you support CSCOPE, can you answer that or NOT… I hope you whine all day here you just look like a buffoon, little minded dickweed, who has little to offer to any substantive conversation. When you ready to stay on TOPIC here and answer the question then we can mover forward. If you want the person name you can CALL and talk with, then we can move forward… Do try to stay within the framework of the topic dickhead. Maybe you like being called a dicksucker, who really knows….

      • Rob
        July 4, 2013 at 7:38 pm

        Yet again you refuse to answer the question… DO YOU SUPPORT CSCOPE. Why is it faggots like you can’t answer a simple question. Also when I tell you I can give you a person, who is very well informed on the subject, you refuse to ask for it. This is the libtards position, don’t answer a question and refuse to seek advise.

        I have absolutely no opinion on CSCOPE. I’m just amused that you actually believe your MRI ‘fact’. You keep on changing the subject and discussing everything but my original question.

        And I don’t care to call this friend of yours. I imagine he’s just as deluded and fact-challenged as you are. If your friend wants to publish this nonsense on the Internet, all it takes is a modem and a scanner. I won’t hold my breath.

        By the way, the way you toss words such as ‘faggot’ and ‘dicksucker’, no wonder your exes won’t let your sons anywhere near you.

      • July 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

        Why keep talking to this POS? It’s like talking to a wall, only he’s not that intellectually developed! Block this idiot & be done with him! He is keeping you from doing what you have to do. That’s how Brain Dead MoonBats live their pathetic, HATE filled, petty little lives!

    • July 4, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      Rob, or dickhead as I like to call you. You don’t have an opinion about CSCOPE, so then everything that is published about it or brought up must be irrelevant since you don’t have a link or a relevant position; in fact you have no position, likewise no room to talk pro or con. When you grow the fuck up and have some kids then you can tell me if you like your kids being brainwashed, until then your lack of an opinion means shit to me. At least you finally answered the question, what took so long. Faggot got your tongue ?

      Now you dismissed a professors opinion as SHE has seen first hand what is going on, your to diluted in your own self interest you refuse to seek out other info, that may shatter your faggot liberal world. You can talk shit all day long that still doesn’t change the fact you can’t prove anything I said untrue. You can think what you want (pretty little faggots dancing around in your head) After all your THE GAY party that upholds faggots as equal to parental rights. So how many faggots have procreated in the last 1000 years, answer is NONE… You can’t shit a kid out.

      Support the right to life – your mother did. On the bright side, you could put your face on the billboard as the poster child for abortion if that makes you feel better.

      So about me calling you a faggot and my kids not being able to come around me. Well I can assure you it’s not because I call homo’s, faggots, hell their mothers hate faggots more than me ass wipe. It’s because my ex’s want to be control freaks and take my boys away from me. Now I know a faggot like you doesn’t have any kids, so you wouldn’t know anything about women and how they are today. Maybe you should go read an article from a LINK to get educated about women and how they are making men into pussies, like you, that are to conform to PC/liberal ways.

      AS far as I can tell YOU have been the one playing misdirection games, and I have to bust your ass to get you back to the topic at hand. Like I did in the first line of every conversation. But idiots like yourself want to hide behind a computer, make false claims, tell yourself lies, confuse others with your games, so you can sleep at night. At least I can sleep very well knowing dickheads like you are being confronted head on… Trust me I am not going anywhere, your in my backyard now, so buck up and put your big boys pants on, and you better pack a fucking lunch, it’s going to be this way everytime I get your in my cross-hairs…

      Signed gun toting redneck, that will spit snuff in your eye.

      • Rob
        July 5, 2013 at 6:30 pm

        You can talk shit all day long that still doesn’t change the fact you can’t prove anything I said untrue.

        1. Texas uses MRI machines on kids without their parents’ permission.

        2. Sarah Palin is the Antichrist.

        3. Ronald Reagan was an al Queda operative, working hand in hand with bin Laden on the 9/11 operation.

        4. Mitt Romney has an invisible monkey that sodomizes him every time his wife farts.

        5. God is a homosexual. He can’t get enough gay sex.

        6. All gun owners go to hell.

        All of these facts are true. If you can’t prove that they’re not, then that means they’re true.

        (Just trying to sneak some rhetoric and logic instruction into your otherwise fantastical mind.)

  3. July 3, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks, I was really on a roll yesterday. My ex pissed me off, then talked with my son and he spewed the same crap as the ex did like he was coached to preach the same BS. I was mad for most of the day and went to bed mad as hell. I’m not going to let either one get to me today, it”s a new day.

    Thanks for listening to me, it’s not easy being the positive person all the time. I just had to get shit off my chest so I could move on. You a good person for being there, hearing me babble from a total stranger, thanks..

    • July 3, 2013 at 5:29 pm

      Don’t mention it, Brother! We all have our moments! One thing I know for certain! When Satan takes shots at you, it’s because your doing Damage & as my Pastor always says… “If your going thru Hell? Don’t Stop!

      • July 3, 2013 at 6:04 pm

        Thats some good stuff. Thanks my friend

  4. July 2, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    I had no idea about this program, and I have two sons that don’t live with me. Their mothers keep them from me out of pure spite, not for criminal reasons. So I have to fight like hell just to see them and yet we wonder why men are not in many kids lives. The system is all for the helpless and punishes the masculine as a threat, likewise woossafying the males in some gender bending way. If you eat a piece of cheese and it looks like a gun your suspended type shit. Women flocking to health care (birth control) as a right to kill a baby even if the spouse doesn’t agree with being involved with that. The PC police have indoctrinated the weak as puppets to revile in the movement towards bigger government. I an not barking at you, just where are the men at? The women took control and turned our nation into a group hug event when the people all around, hate you, behind your back. What’s funny is a woman will step on another woman faster than a man will…

    • July 2, 2013 at 7:57 pm

      I had a similar problem with the Ex. That’s what I get for marrying a Lib.

      That did not keep me from teaching my kid, when I had him! Reading conservative thinkers & history that hasn’t been “scrubbed” by the Indoctrinators. In no way am i saying it’s going to be easy, but your child will appreciate it when they see the BS they are fed by the Indoctrinators and how easy it is to blow their ridiculous arguments, out of the water! It also helps your child to learn on his/her own, in the future! Making them less likely to fall for a bunch of BS, like the Automatons, running around college campuses, now.

      The men are right there, staring back at you, in the mirror. Don’t let him down & Don’t let frustration stop you from doing what you know, in your heart, to be best for your children, no matter how hard, the left makes it for you!

      God Bless America!

      • July 2, 2013 at 11:43 pm

        I refuse to give up or in, that is why I created this blog site. It’s almost like I’m talking to myself at times pumping up my own confidence when things as shitty. What grips me is the lawyers, judges, business leaders and liberal groups that have beat down the men into buffoons, just look at how men are portrayed on TV. It’s disgusting to see this lapdog mentality men are suppose to assimilate into so they are accepted by society.

        Even a local radio show had some study they cited how men are moving into the “care giver” role of society, proving that men are evolving. What the hell is that? The truth is men have lost their jobs in the construction fields or related into fields as such. When a man has to sit around the house for lack of work, sure they are going to be more involved with their kids, it’s not a bad thing but it’s not right. Men are the bread winners, problem solvers, and risk takers. That is what we do, we solve problems and get the job done when others fail. Taking that away from a man so he can be home with his kids is not the way of the world, men run the world for one reason, men will fight and kill other men. Do you want a woman to kill someone, or have them feeding a child. When men are home what does that teach a son?

        Women have wanted equal rights and still be respected as a woman, well it doesn’t work that way. If your a woman and you cuss, fight, and talk like a drunken sailor, then I have no respect for you. Women should be sweet, nice and nurturing, that is why we want a woman around. To keep us in touch with the softer things when we have been out in the REAL world slaying the dragon, it’s a refreshing escape from the harsh world we live in.

      • July 3, 2013 at 2:03 am

        I hear your frustration. Probably felt the same way at different times. It just doesn’t last with me. I tend to focus on getting done, whatever it is I have to get done! That means I have a full plate on occasions I would rather not, but such is life. I have butted my head against to many walls to worry about too many details. Would it be nice? SURE! Is it a necessity? No. The example I gave you above, the ex was totally against my rocking the boat at my kid’s school and it pissed her off to no end, that I refused to listen to her on any of it! She sure didn’t mind when my kid came home from school happy, instead of feeling picked on, though!

        You are obviously a sharp individual. Do what you know, You Gotta Do! To Hell with whoever doesn’t like it!

        Good Luck with the Kids! Always a tough subject!

  5. July 2, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Yes! Unfortunately, I have heard of CSCOPE. I have been fighting the LIB Brain Washing of kids for years. The battles I fought with public school Indoctrinators, got rather contentious! One time it also got physical! It’s all in the lefts playbooks, Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals & in the Marxist Manifesto! It would take hours, every day to show my kid how the “teacher” had either left out facts or completely rewrote history, in order to come up with the BS, they taught! It was a daily process! Thank God for the Internet! I could take him thru what actually happenned & why! When the Indoctrinator tried to take it out on my kid, IT GOT PHYSICAL! It was the last time my kid came home, saying the Teacher was picking on him!

    God Bless America!

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