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The Republican party is now Split: It’s a good thing

judge and constitution1The republican party has now been split into to factions, the liberal right and hard line conservative right.

So what does this mean? You will see liberal republicans move to the center and take up Amnesty and gay rights as something that has to be done to get more votes. While the hard right will want to keep God in schools, guns, anti-amnesty and anti-gay the way it was, not given into the belief we have to give up our morals to get votes.

We believe this nation was founded correctly on morals and values we will not give up on, they are going to have to kill us to take that belief away, the government works for the people. Not the other way around….

Lawyers/congress have passed so many laws they actually conflict with each other, that way they enforce what they want to. Or my personal favorite, they can twist words (bastardize) them into a new meaning that was not originally intended, to fit their agenda. That is what they are doing now.

Why do we have to have another immigration bill that is 1200 pages long (sounds like Obama care), what is wrong with the old laws they passed.

They didn’t enforce the OLD laws they passed before? Do you really trust them to enforce these NEW laws? Like the old saying “laws were made to be broken”.

As GOD fearing people we don’t want gays inculcating our kids with their liberal beliefs or lifestyle. We want illegals who broke the law to respect our rule of law, and we want congress to fix the mess they made with immigration. Congress should have done this years ago with the border, but they refused to act for one reason, they want a permanent underclass to mow their yards and pick their vegetables, while you and I fight over low wage jobs.

Ryan, Rubio, Bush, Graham, McCain and other GOP liars say they are for the conservatives, yet they buddy up behind closed doors with dems to make deals we don’t know about until they “pass a bill to know whats in it” deal. That didn’t work so well with Obamacare did it?

These RINO’s need to be VOTED OUT at all cost.

I have said 20 years ago we needed to nuke Washington, and it looks like that is still the case. We elect people and what do they do? They run up to capitol hill and get sucked into the buddy buddy system and start dealing in ways you don’t agree with, if they told you what they were doing they would be tossed out on their ear. That’s why they do all this behind closed doors.

We are being played by the rich, these people make the laws they in turn don’t follow. Why does a bill for immigration have to be 1200 pages? So they can put pork barrel spending in it to buy other officials. Rubio is getting a million for the cruise lines, Reid gets a million for Vegas, Shumer get a million for something etc… This is what they do. They are spending your money without your consent. Now congress gets to mark up the bill with more pork so it can pass the house. Then it will go to conference so the senate and house can add more pork to appease members of the hill and pass a huge bill that has more pork than ever originally thought, this is what they do, buy bureaucrats. They are all bureaucrats, in bed together, they are no better than the IRS and what they do to bend you over and rape you.

The only way we are going to get this back on track now is a war on our own soil. The dollar has to deflate to nothing, food hard to get, money is worthless, riots in the streets and chaos at every door step. I don’t want this, but our government is driving the FREE PEOPLE of this land to accept things we never wanted to happen. Congress spends money they don’t have and expect us to pay for it, yet we the people are broke. Don’t they get that yet, we are broke and the future generation has nothing but scraps to pick from. When the rich are unable to buy, beg, or borrow to get food, then will it be a real war they never imagined would happen. We broke people know how to get along with very little, they trained us to live this way. 

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