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Wendy Davis (D) lied on Anderson Cooper 360 today

wendy davis picWendy Davis (D) in the Texas Senate filibustered a law yesterday and is getting National Attention on CNN. She was on Anderson Cooper 360 (who is a complete wimp and douchbag) asked Davis how hard it was to do that for 11 hours, she replied “my back hurt” and blathered for a bit. Then Cooper asked her why did she do it?

Davis replied “to empower the people” and to tell “big government we don’t want you in our privet life”, anything else that was said was almost unintelligible or had no substance.

So let me get this straight, you are for abortion after 20 weeks (barring any abnormalities), facilities that DO NOT have a doctor within 30 miles in case something went wrong, and are NOT surgically/ambulatory prepared?

Is that what Wendy Davis stands for?

What she didn’t mention was the planned attack by Planned Parenthood, to storm the building after she failed to meet the requirements (3 different times) to stay within the boundaries of the filibuster and was removed from the podium. Or about the protesters that clogged the halls, made loud outburst, disrupting procedure to shut down the vote in a way that when all the people were able to vote and turn it in the clock ran out.

Dewhurst should have been in control of the House, but he failed the voters of Texas as well. By not closing the doors, kicking out the protesters and securing the floor, he wasted the TAX PAYERS money on something that should have been passed as agreed upon by the people of TEXAS.

To sum it all up, Davis didn’t empower the people, she gave them the finger like liberal judges that tell California voters who banned gay marriage and their law was not observed by a liberal court, now that has national repercussions. Or that big government sponsored, Planned Parenthood, stomped all over the rights of TEXANS, who voted in a majority, for this bill to pass. Government funded Planned Parenthood is the problem that kills more babies than anyone disease, its tax payer funded, and violates the very rights of its citizens that oppose it. When the head person of Planned Parenthood was there to brag the bill didn’t pass, on the Capitol floor, you know it was a setup.

Wendy Davis, you are not speaking for Texas, Anderson Cooper is a political hack that had to get some ratings up and tossed you on the show. Vote out Wendy Davis if she is in you district TEXAS.

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  1. June 27, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Claudia, I heard about this time stamp thing and I am not sure what’s up with that? Regardless you claim that Davis was speaking for you, well your not the majority in TEXAS, get it. So all the others that wanted the bill to pass had their RIGHTS stomped on by liberals like yourself. So your all for abortion after 20 weeks? That makes you a baby killer in GODS eyes and mine, but I guess you don’t believe in GOD? Furthermore, you disgust me in general, by claiming a time stamp makes you ill, but killing a baby is OK and that does not sicken you. Your a hack, libtard that needs to get sick over your government run Planned Parenthood running all over the capitol blocking a bill that 80% of the PEOPLE in TEXAS wanted to pass. Anything you have said is pure crap, so get mad about a fucking time tamp you whore. If you think killing a baby is a good cause you can rote in HELL BITCH. Planned Parenthood is an Obama run program that believe in killing late term babies and your just fine with that, but a time stamp makes you want to puke. Libtards like you make the country sick so fuck all the way off…

  2. Calinda Browning
    June 27, 2013 at 4:32 am

    I am a Texan woman. I don’t ever want to get an abortion, but I don’t think it is the government’s job to tell me what I can and cannot do. I am sickened by the small government party taking such huge and invasive measures. This is not what small government is about. Small government is about fewer regulations and more freedom. Davis was speaking for me and all the other Texan women that the rest of the Texas Senators obviously don’t want to listen to.
    Furthermore, they tried to pass the law after midnight and then falsified the documents to pretend that it wasn’t the case. There are screen captures all over the internet of this falsification. I saw the timestamp myself when it showed the bill being passed on 6/26 rather than 6/25. That is sickening. It is beyond repulsive that our state government would try to lie like that to us. If you want to talk about lies, let us talk about that lie they couldn’t get away with because too many were watching.

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