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Paul Ryan said live on Hannity: Border Security is not PRIORITY…

ryan liedPaul Ryan was on Hannity last night, I was expecting to hear how he would make sure the border was the first thing on his list, but that was not the case. Ryan went into this diatribe about getting people out of the shadows and bla bla bla.

Ryan sounded like Rubio, when crying for all the people who broke the law saying we need to deal with that first before the border is secure.

Let’s get this straight, the illegal’s are not in the shadows they are in the parking lots of Home Depot and even have day labor places to get work from. If congress would have taken care of this years ago this would not be an issue, but you have failed the American people over and over. Congress made this mess for one simple reason, they want to have a permanent underclass that will mow their yards and pick their cotton. You want fairness then take a pay cut, shrink the size of government, and do your job.

Ryan said “we can’t seal up the border” and shut it down… What the hell is that? Every other country in the world has the military guarding the border except America, why is that Ryan?

You could see the air deflate out of Hannity when he pressed the issue and Ryan skirted around it with bureaucratic babble about the shadows.

Ryan is now a RINO that has turned his back on the Tea Party by not securing the border….

Hannity said are you concerned that your decision will divide the party,  Ryan said of course, but went into double talk about why he has decided NOT to make the border a priority first.

Ryan, you’re a hack, and I voted for you. I am glad you lost now. We can see that you talk a good game but when it comes down to action you’re in line with the establishment. I will never vote for you again…

Paul Ryan is a RINO that doesn’t care about securing the border first, and he is not concerned with dividing the party or he would make the border the first issue. You can’t stop illegals from crossing and having another Amnesty Bill again, even the CBO said it will not stop…

You know a bill is bad when the SEIU (a huge UNION) supports this bill and has been running commercials here in Dallas saying it’s a good thing. For who? The dems who want to buy voters and give them more FREE STUFF? That is not the American way of life you assholes.

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio will not secure the border; they a RINOs and political hacks…

I am going to have to be a LIBERTARIAN since the party I supported will not stand for the American people. We have to stop these hacks from undermining this country even more. Please sign up on my blog and join me to make a loud voice.. damdems.wordpress.com

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  1. Conservative Army Vet
    July 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    After learning more and more about Paul Ryan, I am sorry I voted for him for Veep in November 2012. He is a RINO and a hack like Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Gramnesty and so on. Disgusting.

    • July 6, 2013 at 6:03 pm

      Yes Sir, you are right, I am very pissed at these bureaucrats, who tell us one thing while behind closed doors they are writing bills that we vehemently oppose. I hope you will join my blog and ask every conservative likewise. I would like to be a loud voice to send to congress that we are not stupid, They have dabbled in politics, engaging in lavish events congratulating everyone how well they are doing. Meanwhile Wall Street goes on a tear, gold falls through the floor, unemployment grossly miscalculated, that is pump through the state media and propaganda machine. Hell just join my site and you can read me rip these assholes a new one.

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