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China snubs Obama like he did the Tea Party

judge napObama had been slapped in the face by China when Snowden left the country.

Obamas team said they had all their paperwork in on time, all filled out correctly, and were following up on it almost daily.

So Obama, how does it feel to be rejected by a “low level employee” that seemed to screw the paperwork up?

Snowden did break the law that carries repercussions, I agree. BUT, our government (Clapper) lied under oath, to the American People, who pay them laviously, and, YET the “malfeasance” of public officials has far reaching atrocities that are swept under the rug by bureaucrats/unions and the liberal media.

Does that sound familiar? I think it’s funny the State Dept, were made fools of, yet nobody has mentioned the fact the Chinese took a play from the Obama team on how the Obama administration handled the Tea Party.

Obama looks weak, but then again when you lead from behind, aka. follow, this is what you get. Except when it comes to people that voice dissatisfaction with Obama, then your a target.

So how does it feel Obama, to have a rouge Chinese agent misplace your paperwork?

People don’t like or respect Obama that is why everyone is rising up to thwart your every move.

Yet Obama has not been sitting around waiting for PATRIOTS like you to pay attention.

That is why he just passed an Executive Order To Take Away Your Very Existence..

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