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Bureaucrats Love the Chaos:

judge and constitution1What is wrong with America today?

We live in a news cycle of sound bits. Where the station that plays the bite the most influences how you think. The RINO’s and dems have combined together to insult your intelligence doing all they can to force you how to think, critical thinking is not an option.

Why is border security so hard to figure out? Why is immigration so hard?

The answer is simple, they don’t want this to be solved.

We have bureaucrats who enslaved the masses to their way of life, we have to scramble to pay bills, why they are line dancing on your dime.  They tell you it’s so hard to get all these bills agreed upon. If their wasn’t politicians that had to be paid off to pass a simple bill this would have been solved years ago.

We have been lied to, this is not going to stop unless we demand change in government, that means we have to step out of the shadows and jump into the spotlight. The liberal media will not protect you, they are in bed with Obama and these bureaucrats who have created this mess.

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