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California: Spends 910 Million on HCH now broke

judge and constitution1Here are a few reasons why the HCH bill will be the biggest flop of mankind. When you have so many people in the loop getting money, and broke states that begging for cash, it’s not hard to understand that the blue states are busted and expect red states to bail them out. California just passed senate bill 35 requires registering to vote when you enter the exchange. Of course they are not telling you to vote democratic, but they sure are making it well known it’s a democratic funded program, so if you want to keep it you need to vote for that party.

What they fail to tell you is how corrupt the dems are in keep a permanent underclass so they can sponge of the working people. The head of this exchange will make 300k per year. Not to mention all the new union employees that will to be hired.

Let’s see who all has been paid off so far from the leaders in Cali:

NAACP/AFLCIO received 600K each, to go door to door to give presentations supporting this law.

SEIU (UNIONS) received two grants of 2 million to go door to door, these unions are opening community organizing center centers while holding public forums and robo-calls to sale the people on this program. How much has already been spent on advertising food stamp programs already? I bet you could buy a boat load of wheelchairs or help many vets with that much money .

Green companies received 1 million to conduct presentations opposing fracking, privet hospitals, oil/gas. This is to discourage people from privet business practices, and why is this part of the health exchange?

Why are political activist groups getting money? Oh yea they donate to the dems so they can get more funding in the future.

So far the government has given a total 910 million spent just to the state of Cali, now they will have to get more money since that is already spent that. This doesn’t include the companies that were paid to advertise these programs like food stamps/SNAP, that is in the millions already that we know of.

Obama is funded by the democrats who give to these programs to set up a one party system.

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