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Rubio drops BOMBSHELL on Hannity: Border Security isn’t first priority!!!


Rubio was on Hannity today trying to save face with conservatives, but he slipped with a small admission that the bill he has been working on with the gang of eight doesn’t have border security listed first. Hannity asked him point blank is border security first and his response was “that’s not what this is about”? Excuse me can you say that again, that’s not what this bill is about?

You have to listen carefully to what these people are saying, because they are telling you the truth. Just it is covered in so much double talk you can’t pick it out unless you’re paying careful attention (or a lawyer).

When Rubio said this bill was not about securing the border then what has he been selling the people on?

Let me sum up a few facts about Mr. Rubio. He led this huge bill that’s 1000 pages (sounds like obamacare bill) into the senate and had a gang of eight get together to hash it out. Already here is a problem, why does it take 1000 plus pages to say “secure the border”. Then we had all this about e-verify, if they would just issue some type of temp visa and charge for that it would get a few more 100 pages knocked off the bill. When Rubio answered about border security, he always went back to the poor masses hiding in the shadows; but I see them out in the open working out of (government funded) day worker places, or even in a Home Depot parking lot.

But let’s get back to why all this stinks.

The gang of eight voted down all amendments to ensure securing the border is first, what’s up with that? They also fail to mention there has been 1.8 billion spent by pro amnesty lobbyist to promote this bill, or that the 200 million in new revenue will be generated over 10 years; that is the estimate by the CBO. How many times has the CBO needed to revise Obamcare or other gov. programs? Or the fact that unemployment will rise, wages drop and 75% of illegal’s still crossing the border will still occur.

Let us not forget who will be in charge of this entire new program, oh yea the government. We are suppose to trust this government that can’t build a 700 mile border (they only built 35 miles) and that bill was passed over six years ago. Or use sequestration to shut down White House tours, air traffic controllers and tell our vets that they can’t get hospital care. Yet we have a president that can take a 100 million dollar vacation to Africa? How about the IRS getting a 70 million dollar bonus for a job well done attacking Tea Party people? But the IRS has to pay that out, they are contractually obligated to the “union” they are part of.

Rubio keeps saying if we do nothing that will be “de-facto amnesty”, yet if we pass this we are doing “amnesty”. If we allow people who broke the law to stay here what would you call it? The real fact is if you don’t secure the border we will have to go through this several years down the road. You will also have the Mexican Cartel with a huge footprint inside America, or even worse terrorist.

How it this be solved? By letting plutocrats banter empty promises placating to politically dishonest people who want to keep a permeate underclass. If the bureaucrats have their way that is what America will become.

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