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Why Special Prosecutors WILL NOT Solve IRS Scandal

Judege NapWe hear many people talk about getting a special prosecutor to take over the criminal actions in the IRS, Benghazi or other events that are ongoing within this administration, but that will not solve anything…why?

Well lets look into how a special prosecutor is assigned to a case.

While congress (opposite of progress) interviews people and call them up in front of a committee, some of the dems are obfuscating the issue calling it a political witch hunt, then you have the republicans asking the hard questions, but they don’t get an answer. All you hear are vague answers, or just not giving an answer at all.

The famous line… “I don’t know”… What a bunch of bullshit. How much are the jackass’ getting paid anyway. I bet my 14 year old son is more responsible than these people making 100K+ per year.

So the conservatives get mad as hell and scream we need a special prosecutor to get down to the bottom of all this.

So who appoints a special prosecutor, the Justice Dept, headed up by Eric Holder.

Let me inform you a little fact, Holder doesn’t want to get to the bottom, that is where he is hiding. Holder himself would be setting up a case to indict this corrupt administration, and that will not happen in this lifetime. Holder is still in contempt of congress…. If Holder is the one who assign the special prosecutor, it will not be to get the truth, it will be to push it to the back-burner to ride it out as long as they can, until this regime is out of office collecting retirement checks from the government, so your paying to be lied to…

This is how this administration will not have to answer for anything they have done. Only time will get the truth, after Obama has left office.

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