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IRS will get 70 Million in Bonuses

Judege NapYes you read it correctly.

The IRS has scheduled to get 70 million in bonuses. This after all that has come about about the abuses of power from this non-elected branch of gov, that is the pay they will receive for doing such a good job for the people.

Why are they getting all this money, is it for a job well done? I think not.

IS it hush money to pay off people so they will keep quite about the IRS scandal? I would have to say yes on that.

After all the IRS is union backed, all members of the IRS are in a federal union, that’s corruption in the highest form. These bureaucrats are paying them selves to keep quite “there is nothing to see here move along” motto has sickened the public that has to pay these assholes to hide the truth.

The “Tea Party” will march on the capitol today, I wish I was there to blast this rogue agency, but here I sit in Dallas. So I do the next best thing and write about it so you can read what is going on.

We need to abolish the IRS, stand up to make your voice heard.

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