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Obamas Scandal Sweetspot: constant turmoil is better

We have plenty of jobs

We have plenty of jobs

The scandals just keep coming like a drunk singing at a party that sounds like a cat in heat. This is perfect for this regime, they can just add a few scandals here a few there and whala, you can actually align the most divided people.

It seems that if you piss off everyone you actually get the strangest people to agree. Rush Limbaugh and Michale Moore find themselves aligned on the NSA scandal; or all the others that have signed up on this and gave a distant position about it.

It seems that if you create enough scandals you can actually get people to forget the others since they are not a personal interest or close to home so to speak. All we need is a few more then you will not have to worry about any of this NSA, EPA, HHS, DHS, FBI, or any other agency that sucks cash from the American public.

Dems and RINO’s all agree in privet, yet disagree in public while the cameras rolling. Need proof?

Jan Brewer, gov of AZ. just agreed to a Obama-scare, this makes the 24th state to sign up for this handout. They will receive 1.6 billion to fund this exchange. So why do they call it an “exchange”? Because any state that agrees to this form of health care will get all this cash, but will have to pay it back by assuming the amount of this bill down the road. Once you get more than 50% of the country on government healthcare it will be the exact same as food stamps.

The scary part is how do they plan on paying for all this? When you have more of the public sector taking from the privet, then you will have to enslave the privet to do the bidding of the government aka, public. Yet knowbody will address this and speak out?

That is the saddest part of it all, we will trash GOD, freedom of speech, freewill, and the pursuit of happiness. The founding fathers knew this would happen and you get to witness it before your very eyes…. enjoy.

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